India vs Bharat Essay

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India vs Bharat

India Vs Bharat
Our constitution describes ‘India that is Bharat’ is a union of states. And it is a sovereign, secular, socialist and a democratic republic. But anyone also knows that the way the country is developing as two distinctly different block , …it seems as if it is no more India , ie Bharat … rather, it looks like India and Bharat. Yes, any thinking mind with a power to analyze, understand and define would agree to the assumption that to day, we have… Two countries in one nation.

Two sets of public in one republic
Two hugely different life they both live and two greatly different dream they both see. Where is that unity in diversity ???
Where is that common destiny ???
And yes, where all it leads to …???

One side we have over 100 crore simple, poor and helpless citizens living life with all struggle and helplessness. And the other side you have few crore of complex, selfish, arrogant , corrupt people who live a life flaunting all the ill gotten wealth with a bizarre mindset and uncouth life style. One side a person has all the ill gotten money to throw a party with over 300 dishes and on the other side there are millions who struggle hard even to eat a proper food to live.

One side, a corrupt man throws lakhs of rupees just like that and gets treated in a five star hospital amidst all the luxury even for a slightest health disorder, on the other side we have millions of simple, hardworking , honest and very poor citizens who can’t even afford to go to a doctor for whatever health disaster. One side a rich man’s child over eats all the goodies in the food kingdom and throws parties after parties to friends and on the other side we have millions of children who can’t even grow up properly because of lack of normal, everyday food. One side any one who is someone is looting the nation’s precious natural resources for big personal gain, on the other side a honest, hard working citizen spends a whole life time but still fail to have a roof over his head. One side a minority only drink the best of clean , hygienic water spending any money , but on the other side many have to walk miles even to get a drinking water to carry home . One side some have over hundreds of pairs of dresses to wear , the other side, the majority have to live with just two pairs …even all through out their lives… while some even don’t have that too. One side people become millionaire looting the nation and make scam after scam, the other side the majority work so hard …but never get their rightful due

…. Friends, we all know that.

It is a tragic story of a great , unforgivable , heart chilling divide that poses serious danger to country’s harmony and peace and leads the nation towards a foreseen catastrophe .… Yes, I will not call it unforeseen catastrophe…because I am not blind.. and I can see what this grave discrepancy is leading to. Let us spare some time to think of all this and let us be serious to spread the consciousness , so as to be more proactive, only to act positively to save the nation from further divide …and doom .

Yes, friends, in order to spread this consciousness and concern … we at Paras foundation will come out with a series of articles that focus on this subject. Hope, you all come in great numbers and play your youthful, energetic , and responsible role in nation building. After all, how come a nation’s future not be safe and secure if its youth are sensible … No ?…

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