India Superpower Essay

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India Superpower

It has been more than 60 years since India got its independence and a lot has changed. Radios have been replaced by LCDs, tongas have been replaced by autos and busses and matkas have been replaced by refrigerators. Indian Companies have made it to the word stage. Companies like TATA own few of the most premium brands of the world such as Jaguar on one hand while the world’s cheapest car ‘Nano’ on the other. Indians hold very high posts all over the world be it Obama’s cabinet, United Nations or the World Bank.

India has highest youth population. Our India also has one of the largest army in the world which is capable of facing any other superpower in the world. There is a growth in the infrastructure too. Metro has made short distance travelling comfortable and easier. But is it really a superpower? We have second largest population in the world, but there are very few companies having interaction presence. There is deep-rooted corruption.

Most of the politicians are involved in scams like Common Wealth Games scam, 2G scam, Coal scam and even fodder scam. The people of India have got used to corruption. We also have highest youth population, but what is the use when there is no proper social infrastructure to provide them with the skills? There is no proper system to retain the cream brains in our country. The top brains are handpicked by western countries. Who is at a loss? Its India.

We also have a huge army but due to lack of focus on research and development we are dependent on Israel, Russia and France for our weaponries. There is no proper policy framework to stop the growth of population. It is no brainer whether India is a superpower or not . If there is corruption in India, India cannot have a good future. Only a strong policy framework and long sited vision can make it possible and India will again be called the golden bird.

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