Independent Trust: Assurance in Modern Development Essay

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Independent Trust: Assurance in Modern Development

In these economically unstable times with deep collapses and shifts within the global business community, it is essential for a company to provide stable, reliable service to its clients in bilateral partnerships of trust. The nature of an independent trust company is one of total solidarity with its individual clients, resisting the temptation of common prevalent lapses of ethics within the business community.

With firm and friendly partnerships in place, our company moves into the continually developing economic environment with assurance in the fact that new clients, situations, and communities can be well served by our team of professional experts who continually keep watch on the life generating business developments across the globe.

The confidence and positive outlook of our staff lends well to the retaining and expanding of our client base, and in a pact of mutually beneficial investments and market gauges, our company consistently hits the mark in providing the highest level of intelligent excellence to each individual with whom we come into contact, our staff members and all the clients we serve. The environment where our company is based, with locations in Jersey and Geneva, lends to a beautifully positioned placement within Europe.

The liberated nature of the core societies in which we work shores up the ability of our company to make wise and independent decisions while are uniquely tailored to the needs of our global clients. Individuals from the United Kingdom, Far East, Middle East, and Eastern Europe are well served by the strategic location of our offices, both in terms of the unique legal structures of Geneva and Jersey as well as the convenience of their global positioning and welcoming infrastructure.

Our staff members are able to travel easily between our offices and to make trips across the world in order to best serve our clients. People are never “out of sight, out of mind”, rather our full devotion and energy is invested in our staff members and clients, with meetings, trips, and travel being the means in which we are able to make assured decisions in the mutually beneficial agreements with clients and businesses.

In looking to the structure of our company, it is important to note that we have a very high level of qualified staff members, employing six chartered accountants and numerous ICSA and STEP qualified personnel. The top managers are very easily approachable and support the company workers with proactive and confident attitudes, aiming to keep the company driven in steady and positive directions.

Benefits are arranged in a flat organizational structure, with all employees enjoying the extra perks of retirement and health investments, the choice to live and work in either of our two lovely office environments in Jersey or Geneva, having to the option to change jobs and immerse oneself in a new and exciting cultural environment, and to relax during business meeting and trips as well as personal leisure time, including dinner and drinks, and stimulating excursions to Sark, France, or the mountains of Switzerland.

Everyone knows how important it is to enjoy the work environment, and encouraging the happiness of our employees and clients in essential to doing good business. While our staff and clients are nurtured by the care of our company, the level of expertise and the commitment to performance is what drives our constant impulse to provide the highest level of service to our business partners. A company always has to sustain performance in the present as well as keep an eye on the attainable goals for the future.

With our recent purchase of another company which was heavily involved with charities in Africa, working with AIDS, children, and animal sanctuaries, we have now opened up to our Southern market and are strategically placed to conduct careful business in this developing economy which is ripe with potential. Catering to the unique needs of our clients and partnerships always involves a sense of ethics and wanting to provide not only business services, but also to provide a heartfelt level of care to the people we engage.

More and more, it is understood that morality in the business and investment communities, in the modern day market, is vital to the health and sustainability of individual people, businesses, communities, and nations. Without a true and faithful grasp of the essential elements of conducting good business, a company with be sure to falter or collapse, a situation which has never been experienced by our company, even within these economically challenging times.

With eyes on our current clients and partnerships, care being given to maintaining and developing relationships, and strategic plans being crafted for the implementation of our future in opening market possibilities, our company enjoys the satisfaction of knowing that we are catering to the real needs of our worldwide friends and stepping in to provide the real needs to the market demands. In adding to the idea of morality in business, it is important to highlight what we avoid, in order to also provide a clear image of the business we do conduct.

There is never a time when it is alright for us to ignore or set aside a potential working relationship. In connecting with our clients, we don’t ever assume that we are in a particular power position or exude any sort of elitist arrogance. The over confidence and greed which is the demise of many businesses is consistently rejected by our staff team, and we never accepted outside commissions. The level of importance of each individual member of our company is horizontal.

Although one person may have a more complicated task to perform at any given time, there is never a time when any person in our company believes that the other person is not absolutely and vitally essential to our well selected team. To us, each staff member, client, and business is a partner, each person and organization equally essential to the web of relationships in which we weave and network. By placing trust and positive regard in our well selected partners, we pulse energy into the ties which bind us and generate life not only in social or emotional terms, but also in business and economic terms.

It would be a great honor and pleasure for our company to receive the award of Independent Trust Company of the Year. By taking note of our strength and resilience through very difficult economic times, the powerful friendliness of our company team, the devotion with which we serve our global partners, and the high level of ethics with which we infuse our company, we hope that you will see the value in naming us for this prestigious gift.

The hard work and determination of our solid and caring team members would be nothing more than expanded and rejuvenated by the dedication of this award to our stable and well positioned independent trust company. In aiming high, resisting immoral business temptations, catering to the true needs of our staff members and clients, making informed business decisions, working for the sustainability and development of our company, and nurturing our personal and professional relationships, we are sure that the quality and performance of our company is justifiably notable and well deserving of nothing less than the highest honor and best regard.

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