Independence day Essay

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Independence day

Today we all have gathered here to be witnesses to our 67 prosperous years of Independence. A day so special in the history of India that wouldn’t fail to remind us of the heroic deeds of not just our freedom fighters but the citizens of India. On the eve of Independence our 1st Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rose to make a speech on Independence Day, “ When the world sleeps, India will wake to life and freedom.” My dear friends , we are the fortunate ones to be able to breathe this air of freedom since the day we were born. Fortunate enough not to go through the hardships and ignominy of slavery under foreign rule. It was indeed a Herculean task to overthrow the powerful giants, the British rulers from the land of our ancestors ,the despotic power that motivated us to fight as one . So my dear friends let not the reminiscence of those scars fade away but may continue to bind us . Today we remember the great leaders who gave their lives for India’s freedom.

Dr.B. R . Ambedkar gave us the longest thoughtful written constitution . Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laboured for an Industrialized India . Gandhi ji taught us Ahimsa . Subhash Chandra Bose induced courage in us. Swami Vivekanand gave us spiritual power and there are many more who continue to inspire us even today. In these past 67 years India has witnessed different realms of success . India took immense pride when we emerged out as the world’s largest democracy, when India bagged the 5th position among 71 nations in the recent Glasgow games, when UNESCO declared our National Anthem as the best anthem and declared six forts of Rajasthan as the world heritage sites. When India was declared to head the BRICS 100 billion dollar New Development Bank for six years, when the WHO declared to grant India a certificate for the eradication of Polio.

When a survey declared 36% scientists in NASA as Indians among the world’s top scientists and when ISRO’s PSLV-C21 was successfully launched on the 26th of July 2013. There are innumerable instances which continue to motivate us to think highly of our motherland but there too exists a dark side which should not be overlooked. The freedom for which our freedom fighters fought is still incomplete because there still exists in India a India where caste distinctions still prevail ,which prevent people from enjoying their part in our independent India. Day after day increasing crimes against women put us to shame as they defame not just the victims but their motherland too. There were those golden times when people were selfless, but now people have crossed heights of selfishness and greed where the life of woman is nothing in front of green currency in the form of dowry.

The greed for wealth has increased so much so that people have started robbing their own country. There are people struggling against the bondage of illiteracy , there are places where the light from an electric bulb still remains a dream ,places where people still need to travel miles in search of water, places where the backwardness of superstitious thinking continue to take the lives of innocent people . There are many more cases which are opposing us in our walk towards complete independence and development. It is our duty as the sons and daughters of India to eradicate such insane social evils from our society and make it a better place to live in enjoying their rights to freedom and prosperity.

My dear friends, in the end I’d just like to remind you that it’s a blessing to be free and freedom is a blessing. All we need is to keep in mind not to misuse this freedom of ours. With freedom comes responsibilities, with responsibilities come dependence on our brotherly bonds of oneness and when we tread this path of Unity, we attain complete Independence. Our country is a symbol of great diversity in every form and I wish that the feeling of oneness may continue to beat in every Indian heart in our movement the a glorious future.

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