Independance day Essay

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Independance day

It is indeed a privilege and honour to be invited to speak on the occasion of the independence day . I take this opportunity to congratulate each one of you on this great day , a day when India won her freedom 68 years back on 15th August 1947 and became a sovereign nation. Being born in a free country, living and taking breath in free air is a privilege given to us by great leaders. On this day we pay tribute to our great freedom fighters The country spans over 3,million square kilometres from Jammu & Kashmir at the top to Kanyakumari at the south and Gujarat at the west to Manipur at the east. Together all this constitutes the great nation of India that every Indian is proud of. India is a nation of many culture, religion, language, ethnicity and this diversity make it a unique nation. Dear friends, India has travelled a long road since independence and I am proud to mention some of the achievements that this great country has achieved in this short period. India is the world’s ninth largest economy, and has become one of the world’s largest fastest growing economies. In recent times, India has been well known over the world for its achievements in various fields, especially in the field of electronics and information technology.

India has one of the world’s biggest and best railways and transportation system. India is one of the few countries with space technology. The Indian defence force is highly commended and is one of the largest in the world. India is the best supplier of milk, cotton, banana and one of the biggest supplier of food grains and minerals. India is the number one in remote sensing satellites. India has the largest pool of qualified personnel and Indians are all over the world in many fields expressing India’s involvement in the development of the world. India has world class medical and scientific technologies and facilities. Although India is well to do in many fields and has progressed quite well, India still needs to take bolder steps to curb some of the social and political problems that it is facing.

Also there are other issues that need to be addressed such as poverty, illiteracy, corruption and unemployment. My dear children, you are the future of this great nation. The responsibility of taking this country out of its shackles is now rested upon your shoulders Our former President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam called the children of India to dream to build a strong Nation with aim and perseverance – so we need to first equip ourselves with knowledge and ability and become well educated citizens of tomorrow.

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