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Like most people I like to be happy and I often hear people say that they “just want to be happy”. I think happiness can often be misconstrued as something it isn’t. What I mean by that is, a lot of people have the notion that if they can’t feel happy all the time, they are just unhappy. It is unrealistic to think that we should feel happy all the time. If we have this expectation, we will disappoint ourselves and this can lead to a mess of negative thinking and emotions that just put us in a deep, dark hole.

While in school, I took a class titled “Happiness”. What I learned about happiness is it’s not just emotion, it is motion or action. At the time I took the course, statistics showed that the top two things that make people happy are identifying what you are great full for and helping others. Both things are action items.

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Since then, I have learned much more about happiness and action. In my personal experience and in working with others, I have found there is benefit with several things that can help uplift or increase one’s level of happiness.

I already mentioned the idea of identifying the things you are great full for. This practice can bring us to the present and help us to understand what we do have verses thinking about all the things we don’t have and the desire for more stuff. One thing our brain does naturally is focus on threats and negative emotions.

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So, in practicing gratitude we can train our brain to work in a way that leans more on the positive emotions side and helps to decrease the negative.

The second mentioned earlier is helping others. There are studies that indicate persons who volunteer report that they are healthier and happier than those who do not volunteer. I know I feel good when I can help someone in need. Helping others can be as simple as helping a neighbor with a chore, donating blood, or baking cookies for someone having a rough day. There are so many ways to help others and so many needs that need to be met all around us.

Another thing that we can do to improve our level of happiness, is doing something different or changing up our routine. If you’re doing something over and over and expecting to feel different, maybe it is time for change. Maybe it is time to try a new healthy hobby. Or learn something new. This is both helpful in increasing our happiness and keeping our brain active and healthy.

Set and write down your goals. People who write down their goals and put them in a place where they can see them daily are more likely to meet their goals and have that success in their life. Meeting goals helps us to recognize our ability to reach success and that feels good. Make sure your goals are realistic and work them a step at a time.

Accept the fact that you’re not perfect and neither are the people you see in your social media. You are human, and you make mistakes, as do I. If you hold the expectation that you are going supposed to be perfect, you may find yourself struggling with disappointment, grief, anxiety, and depression. Being human, we should look to our mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth.

Treat your body well. Get the appropriate amount of sleep you need, engage in healthy eating practices, and exercise on a regular basis. Doing these things will increase your level of health. Your body and mind will thank you with a return of happy endorphins.

If we can learn to look at happiness as a way of living and a result of what we do, along with how we think, we may find ourselves in a place in which we are more satisfied in our human condition. But, one may never know unless they try.

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