Income Inequality: Too Big to Ignore

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Income Inequality: Too Big to Ignore

In “Income Inequality: Too Big to Ignore”, Frank shows the influences in Americans’ lives in different classes by the disparity between the rich and the poor. He arouses people’s consciousness for the “rising inequality” which is being polarized and has been causing immense damages to Americans, no matter which class they are. It is true that the “Income Inequality” in America is very obvious and affecting more and more people. Indeed, “we should just agree that it’s a bad thing”, however, are we able to do something concrete to deal with it effectively? Is the” rising inequality really required in the name of fairness”? I stand neutral towards Frank’s opinion.

The reason of the “rising of the income inequality” is very clear, the so-called “capitalism”. In a capitalist society, people are able to maximize their own gains in the free market. In this economic flow, some people must gain more profits while others lose their benefits. Therefore, the income inequality is inevitably created among the society that it’s also given by the Capitalism. It’s absolutely a fair competition. According to Frank, there are many adverse effects brought by the “rising inequality”. I cannot deny that those bad influences Frank indicates are definitely harmful to America. However, it is impossible to reduce all those bad effects due to the capitalist system, unless the society is willing to turn to the Communism, nevertheless, it’s senseless. In fact, the income inequality is actually a normal phenomenon in a capitalist society.

It is supposed to be fair for everyone. But, when the upper class people become richer, they try to gain more assets from the lower class people by many different means which is possible to be immoral. In this case, the gap between the rich and poor is expanded that the “rising inequality” is fairness, which is related to Frank’s. I am not supporting the income inequality. I just want to point out that the most effective way to cope with the issue is to raise the living quality and provide more resources for the lower class people. Undoubtedly, I agree that income inequality is a bad thing, but it’s ineluctable. What we can do is only to deflate the disparity between the rich and poor.


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