Inclusive Essay Topics

Strengths and weaknesses of inclusive education

Analysing various views of professionals in relation to inclusion, it is easy to see that many of these professionals, including educational psychologists, teachers, social workers and health service professionals, saw obstacles to full inclusion and considered that schools as currently organised frequently find it difficult to meet the wide range of children’s needs (Thomas &… View Article

Culturally Inclusive Classrooms

How to build culturally inclusive and resilient ELEMENTARY classrooms and what types of supports are in communities that can facilitate student efforts to overcome cultural gaps in the home and in the school (elementary/secondary school level) A culturally inclusive classroom may consist of extremely diverse ethnic composition of students. With new immigration, more and more… View Article

Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education refers to educational institutions and systems that accommodate all children to develop their cognitive and intellectual skills. The diversity of the children poses a challenge for the system as the main goal of the program is to ensure all children learn and partake in the educational experience of the program. The teachers, school… View Article