Inc Narrative Report Essay

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Inc Narrative Report

For our group, the INCredibles, we are assigned to organize an event which has something to do with a group and its cooperation. The two most important thing when we say “LEADERSHIP”. As described, “LEADERSHIP” is the activity of leading a group of people or an organization or the ability to achieve a specific goal.

Leader steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations. Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, although it may be learned and enhanced through coaching or mentoring. Through this as a student, we are after a good and responsible leader that could really lead us for the best. Through teambuilding activities, different strategies and different leadership is being standout. Teambuilding is defined as the ability to identify and motivate individual employees to form a team that stays together, works together, and achieves together. For our event, entitled “Many Paths, One Spirit, A legacy of Leadership” we are after for a good leader and especially this event is after for a true and a strong bond. Our event took place at Ouans worth farm, Kanlurang Mayao, Lucena City. The call time of the organizers is at 7:00 in the morning. And for our participants which are the DSC Officers, their call time is at 9:00 in the morning at Manuel S. Enverga CTHRM Study Area.

When we got at the venue, everyone is busy designating and planning the last minute petty things to be solved. Then after that, we started putting thing into place. We started cutting papers for the souvenirs and started blowing up the balloons, while other members of the group is still at Zharina’s House and busy preparing the food for our event. We also decorated and started arranging the tables at the conference room and putting some finishing touches. Then after that everyone is settled and other members already know their designated stations for the Amazing Race, and we are only waiting for the arrival of our participants but the DSC Chairman arrived as early as 8:00 in the morning. Then our participants arrived at 10:00 in the morning and it also started the registration, the assigned for the registration is Lindsey Hidalgo, Vera Javier and Karen Tagon. After the participants finished the registration, the program officially begins.

The event started with a prayer hoping the event would be successful and also at the same time to attain our main goal that is to have unity, cooperation and a strong bond among the DSC Officers. As the participants log their names at our registration forms, they were at the same time given their IDs and they are also to choose a balloon that indicates which group they would belong. After that Czarina Miranda the emcee of that day’s event, she welcomes whole heartedly the participants and calls on immpediately Nadine Almozara for her to start the day with a prayer. After the Opening Prayer, the Opening Remarks was given by Nina Lumenario. Then the emcee immediately instructed the participants on how the Amazing Race would work and what are the rules. The stations includes the following: Calamansi relay, bilangan ng monggo, spell me DSC, kadena, obstacle, pulot ng basura, harina, and eat all you can (includes ampalaya, banana, calamansi and tomsto).

Then after that, the emcee instructed the participants that its time for them to know their respective groups. The first group includes Alexis, Meco and Nino. The second group includes Crio, Hazel, Tyrone, and Chesca. And the last group includes Paul, Alvin and Janica. After that the groups where formed and they need to make a name for their group and to present a yell. Paul’s group is named as the “TAMARights” inspired by the FEU Tamaraws, they performed their yell first. Alexis’ group is named as “Orange and Lemons” inspired by a Filipino Local Band. And the last group, Crio’s group is named as “BLUEtooth” inspired by a cellphone specs. Crio, Paul and Meco added spice whenever they throw jokes to each opther that makes also the event fun. And its now time for the groups to start the Amazing Race. The process is that they where given a clue that would took them to their destination and in that way they would be starting in different stations. In every stations that they’ll be accomplishing the Station Manager would give them a letter that is a key for a keyword “CTHRM DSC” and the first to complete this letters, they are the winner.

So the game started it’s a thrill. We could really see the cooperation and the hardworks of our participants and we are really thankful because they really supported our event. The first group to arrived at the conference room and completed the letters is Paul’s Group and the are the TAMARights. Second who arrived is Alexis’ Group, the Orange and Lemons. And last is Crio’s Group, the BLUEtooth. So because Crio’s group finish last Meco started throwing jokes at Crio. And once4 again everyone laugh and enjoyed. Then after the picture taking. We started distributing lunch for our participants, our lunch is extraordinary because it’s in a banana leaf and we need to eat together but its really fun. We enjoyed eating like it’s all back to basic. After we finish our lunch, the second game begins and it is to solve a jigsaw puzzle.

Alexis’ Group won the challenge, next is Crio’s group and lastly it’s Paul’s group. The next activity is to make their flags that would be symbolizing their group and everyone really made a good job. The event was tiring but it was really worth it, it’s fun and it really bonded the relationships of the participants and also the organizers. Alvin, the DSC Chairman, gave some message that really made us realize and also touches us. Immediately after that Donna, our Event Manager gave a Closing Remarks and after the program everyone was having a free time to sit and jam with the participants and to distribute their snacks and at the same time Paul gave us some intermission number and he does some impersonations. That ends our event and we really think that our event achieves our goals. And as we finish this event we are hoping that this would give our participants a more clearer and more deeper understanding about leadership.

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