'Sredni Vastar' by Saki and 'White Rabbits'

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In weird fiction: comparing which stories uses Animal to bring out the weird and why it’s most effective than other stories.

‘Sredni Vastar’ by Saki and ‘White Rabbits’ by Leonora Carrington and ‘The White Wyrak’ by Stefan Gabiski

There are many stories written by different Authors. Some are reality based while other are just fictions. Some of the writers used animals to make there story weird but here are the three stories which uses animals too and they are most effective than other stories in there own ways.

First, ‘ Sredni Vastar’ by Saki uses a polecat-ferret and a Hen both have different behaviours in the society as both were friend of the little Boy but one was weak and other was strong Animal. Second ‘ White Rabbits’ by Leonora Carrington uses Rabbits who eats rotten meat to make her story weird both of the stories are effective in weird fiction but the third story ‘The White Wyrak’ by Stefan Gabinski is the most effective story which uses the animal Wyrak who kills everyone who goes into the chimney alone and melted in coallike color at the end to bring out the weird use of Animal.

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Firstly ‘Sredni Vastar’ by Saki in this tale of a little boy who was having two Animal friends he loves to spend all day. Animal symbolism plays a major role in this story because one of his animal friend was Hen which is considered as a weak Animal and the second animal was a polecat-ferret which is a friendly and a danger Animal for humans, Conradin loves to play with both of them and also worshipped one of them as a god this shows that Animals can be a god for anyone and if you will hate them they can even kill you.

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Animal symbolism was weird in this short story because he enchanted some prayers in front of the ferret but not in front of Hen and it is no where written that it was about his guardian but still the ferret killed the guardian and never harmed the main character of the story. This shows how weird those Animal was, as the ferret didn’t killed the guardian when she took the hen away, but her next visit she was brutally murdered by the polecat.

In the second story ‘White Rabbits’ by Leonora Carrington brings out the Rabbits as a weird Animal in the story. The weirdest part in this story about animals is that according to the law of nature, Rabbits are grass eater and not carnivores. But in this story they are flesh eater and the most strange thing was when the man on the chair laughed, the Rabbit sprang to the floor and disappeared no Animal in this world can disappear like that. Leonora Carrington used animal symbolism in her tales and paintings too in a weird way her painting reveals that things happen like that but just in a imaginary world as in imagination everyone have a freedom to do anything like the Rabbits were eating rotten meat in her imagery world but this can also happen in a real world Animals can do anything for their survival .

Last but not the least ‘ The White Wyrak’ the story of chimney cleaners is the most effective weird tale from all three this story brings out the Animal Wyrak in a weird way. The strange part in this story comes out when Kalina with Author goes to Brewery to checkout where his co-workers vanished when they went to clean the chimney. The author saw an (151)Animal like Monkey or a part large Frog in his journey of chimney the Animal was showing him anger by showing him teeth but nothing happened with the master Kalina he didn’t see anything when he went up to the roof and also he only kills the one who shows up alone in that chimney. The perfect example of showing the Animal in a weird way was (152)when Kalina finally drew out the entire pole , there hung from its iron tip only a small, milk-white substance then after that this thing felt on to the ground and melted into the coallike color as animals are living thing they can melt without any fire or change themselves into coal. Animal symbolism is used in a weird way in this short story as no such things happen in a real world like the Animal was living in chimney where there is no survival possible and the way he transformed into tar.

In all, the three stories above the most weird story is ‘The White Wyrak’ by Stefan Gabiski as compare to ‘Sredni Vastar’ by Saki and ‘White Rabbits’ by Leonora Carrington because in ‘Sredni Vastar’ the ferret only killed a guardian of conradin which means maybe he was scared of the guardian of doing something to him and he just killed her for self defense because he was a strong and danger animal and the Hen did not do anything because he is a weak Animal which can be normal for any animal species and in ‘White Rabbits’ the Rabbits were just eating rotten meat and drinking blood they are a grass eater by nature law but Animals can eat meat for their survival it’s not that weird for the story herbivores Animals can eat meat. The most effective story which brings out the weird use of animal is ‘The White Wyrak’ because Animals can kill anyone they can eat meat but no Animal can change themselves into tar or coal this is the weirdest way anyone can use for Animals in the short tale.

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