In today's society there is now a predominant voice that is heard

In today’s society there is now a predominant voice that is heard around the world that has issues with how gender and sexuality is accepted. Also there is a great majority of people who are vigorously advocating for these different rights of the different sexualities and genders. For example, the right for same sex marriage which was a huge milestone for the LGBTQ community, which included people having parades and marches advocating for these different rights. From the different perspectives, it’s almost seen as if they are forcing these things down the throats of different people who blatantly don’t want to receive it.

It’s almost as if the people who are advocating for these certain rights for the different genders and sexualities, and the people who aren’t necessarily trying to receive it, are in a constant standoff. One of the more recent issues that these groups had a problem with, was the gender neutral bathrooms. The main reason why these bathrooms came into play was due to transgender men and women either being harassed in these situations or feel uncomfortable going to the bathroom.

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While these bathrooms can aid the people affiliated, it also raises problems with the safety within these bathrooms and the most prevalent is the fear of sexual assault amongst women and men. It also goes to show how little regard the U.S. has for the general public’s safety. While this issue can seem of certain significance to some individuals the media treats ther issue of these gender neutral bathrooms as a laughable joke which can be covered within a two minute skit.

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The main issue with the gender neutral bathrooms was the possibility of sexual assault. A majority that had a problem with this were the women because it was almost as if they were opening an avenue of sexual assault or making the horrendous act easily obtainable. Although, just because a person is born a certain gender doesn’t necessarily mean that they identify as that certain gender. This particular argument raises issues in the fact that there are radicals that could take these things as out of proportion and go into these gender neutral bathrooms just to harass or assault women. Some women see these neutral bathrooms as a violation and it’s seen as “benevolent sexism” (Blummel). Author Delia Melody states that, “We don’t owe it to anyone to make them feel comfortable in restrooms with us; this isn’t something we’re obligated to talk about. Actually, we aren’t ever obligated to entertain any cisgender sense of entitlement, which further argues that regardless of what gender a person identifies people shouldn’t have to accommodate and go out of their way to service their needs while making the other people feel uneasy with the bathroom” (Melody). Due to the many people of the LGBTQ community, pushing for these different rights doesn’t necessarily mean that they all should be considered because the bathroom is almost a comfort zone for different individuals and taking that away just to accommodate a certain group of people isn’t fair. Transgender people, on the other hand, endure a lot of violence just because of their sexual identity. That is wrong on many different levels they shouldn’t have a sense of entitlement just because something makes them uncomfortable such as a bathroom because they have to realize the many potential dangers that they can invoke on other people just so they can feel comfortable.

While this topic is centered on transgender people there is a focus on women and the many potential dangers within these gender neutral bathrooms. Inside of Paris Lee’s article, she shares about the time that she was harassed in the bathroom by a women interrogating her to see if she was really a woman or not. While this certain situation was handled the wrong way, it goes to show that women feel a certain amount of vulnerability when these gender neutral bathrooms came into play. “Forgive me, then, for not buying into this lovely idea that same-sex loos are magical places where bad things never happen” ,but these bathrooms pose a specific danger to women that many transgender people tend to look over (Lee). Although many trans people do suffer from discrimination and violence more in today’s society, it’s even stated that, “trans women are nearly twice as likely to suffer sexual violence as other women: having reported such crimes, they are also considerably more likely to go on and experience violence from the police. Here’s another fact for you: 48% of young trans people in Britain have attempted suicide” ,while taking these facts into consideration some may say the fears of these gender neutral bathrooms are imagined and people are ignoring the facts. However, even though some of these danger are potential they still have a great chance of happening which in many means can’t be ignored by society (Lee). Author and medical physician, Elizabeth Vliet, states that “federal and state governments have opened a new Pandora’s box of dangers to the public, especially for women and girls, with the new push for “gender neutral” public bathrooms and locker rooms, allowing people to choose such facilities based on self-perceived gender, rather than biological sex” (Vliet). These bathrooms pose the great danger of sexual assault in both genders, majority of women are the ones who are more concerned with the issue because they are the most vulnerable of the genders.

All in all, the consequences of these bathrooms are predictable in today’s society which is why there has been so much backlash from many people regarding this issue. The U.S. demonstrates lack of common sense for even imposing this because they turned a blind eye to the general public’s safety just because they feel the need to accommodate transgender individuals. The U.S. sacrificed the public safety for transgender people even though “there are approximately 700,000 transgender people in the U.S., representing about 0.3 percent of the entire population. That means the safety, privacy and common decency concerns for 99.7 percent of the American population are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and “feel good” policies for a tiny fraction of the public” ,which is completely absurd because that’s not even a majority of the U.S. population taken into consideration (Vliet). The U.S. strives the agenda to ignore larger problems and go straight to the issues that are smaller, which inevitably a bad look in a majority of people’s eyes. The U.S. has overlooked how the male population has a track record of “indecent exposure, sexual battery, assault, molestation, sex with minors and rape are all crimes in almost all jurisdictions” ,which leads to the main issue of what’s stopping a male from suddenly deciding that they feel like a woman one day and wondering into one of these bathrooms (Vliet). This is just one of the many relative issues that the gender neutral bathrooms impose and the majority of women feel strongly about how much they are against these bathrooms. The general public’s uncertainty insured with these gender neutral bathrooms should be taken into consideration when making these decisions and not just the politics of it. The separation of these bathrooms created a sense of safety among the genders that shouldn’t be taken away just because of a specific group that makes up less than 1 percent of society feel uncomfortable.

Some states have attempted to put a stop or yield to these gender neutral bathrooms like the Indiana Law, that “would make it a crime for a person to enter a single-sex public restroom that does not match the person’s “biological gender,” defined in terms of chromosomes and sex at birth. The punishment could be up to a year in jail and a five-thousand-dollar fine” (Gersen). This is only imposed in a couple of states to prevent these gender neutral bathroom are well on their way in other states in which they only allow transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity. These laws and regulations have gotten some backlash from the LGBTQ community which have caused some states to invoke ordinances, “which prohibited discrimination in employment and housing based on categories including sex, race, religion, and gender identity. This was also defeated in a referendum after opponents painted it as a “bathroom ordinance” that would enable men to enter women’s restrooms” (Gersen). Although there are ways for people to get around the push back of gender neutral bathrooms, it should be common sense that the general public’s safety should be put into consideration when coming up with these laws and ordinances that don’t consider the potential and highly dangerous situations that they could be putting women in. There is a certain point to where accommodation has its limits and the bathrooms where a majority of the population are at their most vulnerable state should be taken into consideration. While some of the arguments that transgender people are discriminated against express some importance, they are forgetting that what they are attempting to impose is basically selfish because they are turning a blind eye to the predictable dangers that are to come with gender neutral bathrooms. The LGBTQ community should take a step back and stop just thinking of themselves and take into consideration that what they are advocating for the potential to do way more harm than good. These potential sexual assaults that come with these gender neutral bathroom are real and they are threatening and if they weren’t there, it wouldn’t be as many laws or regulations put into place in order to prevent them.

While there is a particular amount of seriousness that comes with this certain topic as a society, some people make satire jokes about this subject to both make light of the situation and show some of the flaws that come with this issue. For example, the famous TV show SNL, has a sketch titled “Levi Wokes” and they expressed symbolism with jeans to approach this gender neutral subject. However they never use the word bathroom, it is greatly implied that it is in fact what they were getting at. They describe the jeans as, “sizeless, style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation that defies labels” ,which is really taking jabs at how transgender people in this generation feel the need to not have gender conformity and should include everyone and everything, regardless of how they identify themselves. The skit goes even further to mention how ” [Their] jeans let them decide how they go to the bathroom” ,which is also another jab inferring that their jeans are their sexual identity and how they have the freedom to go to whichever bathroom they want. This comedic satire was made for entertainment just goes to show how the LGBTQ communities need for neutrality and nonconformity could seem in some aspects laughable in the fact that they have been pushing for so many different things that they haven’t taken a step back to look at how some of these things could have the potential to harm some people. This sketch is really a jab at millennials and their constant need to be socially aware in every aspect that they don’t realize that some things such as bathrooms, should stay how they are. The media takes a certain stance of concern while covering this topic in the fact that they cover it with a bias stance which favors the womens side of the argument. By refering to how everyone shouldn’t be conformed to one gender using jeans as the comedic relief shows exactly how the media is treating this situation, as a joke. This comedic stance that the media takes on this topic just goes to show that while the topic is being covered its being treated with no significance with little to no value which altogether makes it laughable that its even being brought up. Within the media’s coverage of this certain topic it is observed by the audience that the media is without a doubt leaning towards the public safety rather than fulfilling a particular groups accomedations. With these claims and arguments that are made, it can seem as offensive or seemingly transphobic. However, it’s really just people looking out for the public safety of others, not just one group of people that feel left out. This is not a transphobic argument, but rather an argument for the safety and an preventention of sexual assault. It is often missed by many people due to the fact that when some people push up against the things that the LGBTQ community is pushing for, it’s often seen as transphobic. The LGBTQ community has taken a selfish stance on this specific issue and it’s not that people are discriminatory of this group of individuals, it’s because they are looking out for not only the general public’s safety, but also the prevention of sexual assault against women.

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