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In the united states racial aggression is considered to have begun

In the united states, racial aggression is considered to have begun, but the nature of the race aggression is considered to have begun, but the nature of the race is a long and deep-rooted concern. It is a threat to the superintendent, intimidation, investigation or religion of persons in the case of law enforcement and personal security throughout the country. The description of the skin is unlawful and violates the united states constitution as a whole, and violates the fundamental promise of unwarranted search and confiscation.

Similarly, the subtle nature of the skin is ineffective. This leads to a lack of enforcement of citizens’ enforcement laws, preventing the police from maintaining public order, and losing confidence and trust among these promise law enforcement agencies to protect and preserve them. There will always be law enforcement officers that go outside their boundaries, yet we hope that with ethical standards that the would be punished in some way if they are in the wrong.

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There will always be officers that do not follow the ethical standards that a police department needs.

My example of this is when my sister was coming into town to visit the family like she

normally does. When she made it into town she had forgotten her house keys at her apartment and was trying to see if we have an extra key anywhere. We live in a suburban area, a cop was doing its routine, keeping our neighborhood safe. He saw my sister going to the backyard and asked her if she lived in that area with a strong tone.

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My sister was shocked by the tone of his voice and was frightened, she kindly told the officer that it was visiting our parent’s house and didn’t believe her. She told me what happened that day and she felt discriminated and unsaved, she made a point that if she was a minority she would have not been treated the way she was treated but because she is not she was treated differently.

Another example I will like to talk about is Timothy Thomas. The shooting death of nineteen-year-old Timothy DeWayne Thomas, Jr. by Cincinnati, Ohio Police Department Patrolmen Stephen Roach during an attempted arrest for non-violent misdemeanors in April 2001, focused national attention on the deaths of unarmed black men and women at the hands of police and security guards. Not because I’m a person of color who, like many people of color in the country, has experienced police abuse of power, first-hand. Timothy’s killing is personal because his death offends the fundamental principles of justice, every notion of dignity and the idea that through those threads, all of our lives are connected. As human beings, we are responsible for each other.

There are tons of cases of Racial Profiling. Nowadays many people are being targeted or attacked by racial profiling. Laws are being passed but not every police officer is following up with it. And because of this more and more people are becoming irritated with the government system. Just because a particular person from a particular race does something wrong, everyone from that race is being discriminated by so-called other races. Racial profiling is getting worse by the years go by, it is becoming a hot topic. Thomas’s death also helped fuel the Cincinnati Riot of 2001 it sparked outrage throughout the black community in Cincinnati which helped spark the Cincinnati Riot two days later. Cases like this can cause riots and even deaths.

How to stop racial profiling is by collecting better data. By doing some research I found that California has been collecting data to detained race, gender, and demographic details. The reason for collecting data is to guide and get us past the debate if the problem exists, and rather help us move forward in controlling the scope of the issue, who are targeted and where it might be concentrated.

Racial profiling is something I strongly believe to be wrong and will always do. However, some people believe that racial profiling is a good thing and it will eventually protect us. Police departments across the country are too often using extortionate force, injuring innocent people suspected of misconduct and sometimes jumping into conclusions as in killing them. Stop and frisk is the practice by which a police officer initiates a cessation of an individual on the street allegedly based on plausible suspicion of malefactor activity. Statistically, police have been more chargeable to perform stop and frisks in neighborhoods that are home to sable extensive numbers of African American and Hispanics.

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