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Short Story "Spurs"

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (576 words)
Categories: Short Story
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In the short story “Spurs” by Tod Robbins from the book Adaptations, it plows about the consternation narration of sweet revenge, of Jacques Courbe, for Miss Mademoiselle Jeanne Marie. For his living he works in a circus by performing there, Jacque Courbe is a pygmy, and he face lot of troubles because of his physical deterrent, but facing all the troubles and working for his living he tries to fend off, the reality by conserving himself “Imagination was the armour that protected him from the curious glances of a cruel, gaping world from the stinging last of ridicule, form the bombardments of banana skin and orange peel”(Robbins 161).

He tries to impel from people everywhere around him, the way he pretends to stay away from his friends and workmates thought that he is an ill-humored and arrogant man, and stayed away from him. After his uncle passed away he was in benefaction, after his uncle he only wanted to spend his life with Jeanne Marie, who worked at the circus with him.

Jacque thinks she does not deserve immoderate abuse, despite the fact from the story portraits, about Jeanne’s conspicuous love towards him and edginess, she caused during their marriage life. Perchance reminding all the little happiness and laughable asserts Jacques Courbe life caused him to turn so badly towards her. Jeanne Marie character is depicted as a gold digger, manipulative, selfish, and unkind. She is in love with the bareback rider Simon, however agrees to marry Courbe only to acquire his riches. She states, “It may be some time before I can get the little ape’s money” (Robbins 165). In an article written by Aron Moss he states: Men marry women for their looks. Men fall for beauty. The fact that there are plenty of pretty girls with rotten character does nothing to stop the male quest for a beauty queen. Meanwhile, women marry men for their money. Women say they want a man who is financially stable, which is often just a euphemism for a rich guy. (Moss)

Courbe got stricken by Jeanne’s looks and beauty, or else he now had not so much interest in her and he does not care for Jeanne character or maybe he did not spend time knowing her well, he just got attracted by her beauty. Jeanne had also planned to spend her life with Simon after be willed in Courbe’s property.

Inevitably, Courbes comes to know the truth about Jeanne’s affair with Simon, and the plan she had made for taking all the property of Courbes under her name, he felt betrayed by the women he loved the most and with who wanted to spend his life with, He was broken emotionally and did not expected from the one he loved more. “From the flaming peaks of his blind passion he had fallen into an abyss of cold fury. His love was dead, but some quite alien emotion was rearing an evil head from its ashes” (Robbins 169). Now with all the hatred and aggression for taking revenge with Jeanne he had all his mind into it. . “A study investigating the action tendencies associated with various emotions (including fear, sadness, and anger) found that participants were particularly likely to report wanting to hurt and get back at someone when they recalled an experience that made them angry” (Ross, Schumann 6). The anger towards taking revenge with Jeanne he found a way to scourge and control her.

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