In the recent years internetofthings IoT devices have attracted

In the recent years, internet-of-things (IoT) devices have attracted an increasing share of attention, and the vulnerability of IoT devices has been clarified due to its centralized nature. Having one technology in front of you and it being controlled through servers which are miles away, can be concerning. Although centralized system has provided us with many benefits such as, lowered prices, efficiency in distribution and production. But these benefits comes with questions and doubts such as:- What happens when a central service goes down, or stops being provided? What data is being collected through the device? What about transparency?

In this project our challenge was to use our design skills to generate research "to explore how we can re-imagine a plausible decentralized preferable future IoT for Dundee to help explore and understand some of the possibilities this might present".

What would a uniquely Dundonian take on IoT look like in a decentralized way?

In order to create a unique Dundonian IoT experience it's important to understand the Dundee culture, and the best place to experience it is the local stores.

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Dundee culture is best reviled when you talk to local people. And the local shop owners always have the best stories and rich history to share. Our first research expedition was to one of the first local greengrocer called Fraser's fruits and Veg. Inspired by a greengrocer store in Ireland, Fraser's Reid became a man on a mission to bring regional, fresh and interesting produce to local customer. His unique soup bags which includes his own recipe and fresh ingredients, showed us how local stores have a big part in presenting the culture.

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Unlike big retail supermarkets, these local shops believe in transparency by interacting with customers rather than just making a transaction.

Through this research we were able to come up with questions such as; how do local businesses share information and create a network? How can local stores attract new customers? How can we reduce food miles and promote transparency? Out of all these question we decided to focus on involving locals in their communities by supporting local shops. Our target users are the people who are new to Dundee such as, international students, expats or people would like to explore Dundee further. Our research question is how can we help people contribute to the development of Dundee, by supporting local shops?

Once known for its Jute, Jam and Journalism, the city of Dundee is now popularized by the new V&A museum as the city of Design. While the V&A is attracting tourist and students from all around the world, they are missing out on local stores that brings out the true cultural essence of Dundee.

With the growing population of Dundee due to its increasing popularity, it's important to preserve their culture. Local shops have been a great help in creating the culture alive.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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