In the Memoir Night, by Elie Weisel

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In the Memoir Night, by Elie Weisel

Soup has many symbolic things in the book but most common one it symbolizes hope. The main character at first at first the character when he first came to the shelter and they offer him food he refused to eat it. He thought that if soup was the only food he could, he would rather died than eat that trash. Elie had a little time t be in the camp therefore he thought that things would change to good. However, he began to understand that if he wanted to live he would have to eat that disgusting food. As time was passing the hunger began to dominate him, and one of the days he said,“ I was dreadfully hungry and swallowed ma ration on the spot” (41).

Elie knew that soup was his only meal to survive, with all the hunger he did mot think about the taste. As time was passed, soup was the only thing he could think, he now would die for soup. When the SS were executing some Jews, they were not allowed to live until the execution. “ That night the soup tasted of corpse” (62), It meant that the soup tasted like dead bodies from all the hangings, after he saw that catastrophe had new taste for him, because in his mind he was thinking that that had been him in the ropes.

In addition, after the soup tasted like corpse, it also had another signification, that he could one more time eat soup alive. The soup started to bee like venom for Elie and was giving his ration to his father, but in the end the soup began to symbolize his life or hope, and the dad ended up giving his rations to him. All though the soup did not had a great taste each time the Jews could eat one more time; it meant that they have survived another day in hell. Now the Jews could not think of anything but soup, they were anxious nothing could make their mind changed, because they knew that soup was road to survival.


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