In the Eyes of the Common Filipino Essay

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In the Eyes of the Common Filipino

In what ways does Campus Journalism become a good ground for developing Nationalistic Ideals? Maria Blandina Pamaong fondly known by her friends as ‘Inday’ wakes up at four in the morning to prepare her goods and products for her eighteen year old small business. She lives in Capitol Valley just a trek away from BIT Dao. In a 4 kilometer drive with her husband Marito in a tricycle, they carry all their goods all the way to the Tagbilaran Rizal Park and reach there by 6:00am. They stack and arrange thee products neatly for the benefit of passers by.

She’s now 47 years old and has been this woman whom I buy the sweetest popcorns and snack from, every time I go to the church across the road. And I’ve been buying from her ever since I could remember. At the same time, she had been a witness of different stories in Rizal Park as far as she could recall when she started. She has four children. All of whom are boys. The eldest, Marito, Jr. , just graduated at BISU MC with the course of something Automotive Mechanic and is now in Cebu. Following him, Marc Anthony is now in Cebu Philippine State College of Aeronautics.

And the other two, Matthew and Vincent are studying high school at Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School (DCPNHS). You didn’t think she was some kind of low profile nothing, right? As far as I can tell she was able to send them to school with a 500Php daily income from her small business and their tricycle. To add, ‘Inday’ has worked her way to graduate of Bachelor of Science in Commerce at Holy Name University (HNU). You see, I find her the best person to answer my question above. And it is because she is part of the common ‘pinoy’.

She is the witness, the spectator of unwavering events that does seem to shape our ideals today. And she is also the testimony to the positive nationalistic ideals that is either preserved or annihilated. Similarly, her experiences speak of the ideals that she has cultivated and the dreams that were forgotten. For instance, she has encountered many young Filipinos dating in their vulgar exhibit of Public Display of affection (PDA). Many of these students are in their school uniforms.

They go frolicking as if they’re proud that they’re doing it while they’re from a catholic school. She has also bared the irresponsible littering done by many. They cast trash as if it was nothing harmful. In other occasions, she finds joy among volunteers who are very cooperative especially towards keeping the park clean. They have also blessed them with gifts and packed lunches especially during Christmas season. She is glad that thee people are compelled to share what they have gained. And when I reached to that question, she was assured of her answers.

First, she shared the nationalistic ideals she adheres. She enumerated hard work, respect, self-discipline and self respect as the ideals she yearns for everyone who has neglected them. Afterwards, she said that the affectivity of journalism as a ground for developing these ideals will depend upon the people. Will they do something after they’ve read an article like this? Will they respond for the greater good? She even said that when those who see the signs like “keep off the grass”, they will have different reactions.

The other one would probably follow it and another wont. Likewise, she agrees that campus journalism is a good ground for the development of nationalistic ideals. “Maayo na lang ng nay naningkamot”, she affirms. We both agreed that it does become an excellent ground by reminding and guiding us into noticing the ideals that we should regain. People will always respond to these guides in different ways. Just like her children, they answer differently to her concerns. She says that with higher technology among the new generation, it is indeed great.

It is absolutely immense to have journalists’ and campus journalism to wake and endorse the ideals that we’ve grown to and may have been lost. It is amazing too that this came from her. All this is from a persistent vendor, under a coke tent in Rizal Park just across the St. Joseph Cathedral. And that this lady, whose hobby was reading romantic and horror books, looks forward. She positively looks forward for journalists who will write for the betterment of the Filipino nationalistic ideals engraved to every Filipinos mind and heart.

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