In the country or in the city Essay

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In the country or in the city

Where is the best place to raise a child, in the city or in the country? I would rather live and raise my family in the country, because of the clean environment, peaceful atmosphere, and smaller schools.

My primary reason for choosing the country instead of the city is the clean environment. The air smells fresh and clean, because there are less cars creating pollution. In the city, there are busses, taxis, and cars on all the streets contributing harmful chemicals into the air. While automobiles are not the only cause of pollution, there are also more factories and plants to pollute the air. In the country, the only major industry would be farming, which does not pollute the air in any way. There are more people in the city breathing the air and less forest area to help control the pollution. Since there are less people in the country than in the city, the amount of littering on the roads is also less. The polluted air is very harmful to the human body and that is why I will choose to raise my family in the country where there is less pollution. The clean environment is not the only reason that I will choose to live in the country.

Another reason for my decision to live in the country is the peaceful atmosphere. There are many more crimes committed in the city than in the country, because there is more drug use there. People with drugs are probably not going to sell them in the country, because they know they can sell more in the city. Drugs are not the only reason for the high crime rates in the city. There are shopping malls and businesses that are not in the country, which leads to more theft in the city. Also, the atmosphere in the country seems to be a much slower pace, because there are fewer people and jobs. The peacefulness in the country is very soothing and calming after a hard day at work. Also, I hope that my children will grow up to be good people, and I believe that the odds of that are much better if they are raised in the country rather than in the city.

My last reason for choosing to live in the country instead of the city is that the schools in the country are much smaller than in the city. I believe that smaller schools are better for the students. The schools in the city are much larger to accommodate the larger population of students that live there. I feel that the advantages of attending a smaller school are many. They have smaller classes, which gives the students more one-on-one time with their teacher. The teacher can really get to know each of their students and learn how they can help them be successful. In larger schools, teachers have too many students to have the chance to know each one personally, and they do not have the time to help them as much as a teacher in a smaller school.

I also think it is easier for the students in a smaller school to make friends, because they get used to the same faces and know each other well. There are more students in larger schools, which will make it harder for them to get to know one another. City schools are also known for having cliques, which makes it hard for some students to be accepted by others. I believe that the smaller schools in the country are more beneficial than the larger schools in the city.

In my opinion, the country is the best place to live and raise a family. I have discussed the three main reasons I chose the country rather than the city: the clean environment, peaceful atmosphere, and smaller schools. I hope others will agree that the country is the land of the free.

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