In the book The Great Gatsby by FScott Fitzgerald Gatsby's hard work

In the book The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby’s hard work is to make one day the same class as the woman he loves and to fulfill her wish with her. He fell in love with a woman who should not love and ruined her life. He pursues material success, he is eager to be respected by the upper class and more eager to get the love of Daisy. In the book Hamlet by Shakespeare, Claudius murdered his brother because of the coveted king’s status, embodied his desires in this aspect of Claudius, wanting to pursue these, and the possession of the former queen Ge Telu reflects humanity.

In this matter, Claudius also tried to hide. When he saw the incident from the theater prepared by Hamlet, he began to calculate Hamlet. To minimize his life threat, he managed to send Hamlet to the UK. So the theme developed in both books is greed leads to corruption, failure, and ultimately death.

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Gatsby returned from the battlefield, but the dream lover, Daisy, had already married a man, and he simply blamed it on money. His origins made him unscrupulously exploit his wealth in order to save his former lover, and changed his name to dress himself up as an unparalleled gentleman. His castle is staged every day, and celebrities are drunk in this dream, and all this is just Gatsby’s attention to attract Daisy’s attention. Opposite the castle is the mansion of Daisy. The green light from the Daisy Lighthouse makes Gates so fascinated, but it is not available, how painful and painful.

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After revisiting the old dream with Daisy, Gatsby innocently thought that he would finally make his dream come true. However, when everyone is living in reality, only Gatsby is still deeply immersed in the past and can’t extricate himself. He thinks that he and the West are stronger than Jin Jian. However, when he and Daisy’s husband Tom had a dispute, and Tom was angered to reveal his inferiority, when he needed the most positive thing, Daisy was indifferent. Even so, he did not hesitate to take charge of the anecdote for Daisy. He still kept his phone in his own mansion smiling. But the phone didn’t wait, but it was death. Those who had flocked to the Gatsby party did not visit Gatsby. The only one waiting at the funeral was Nick Gatsby’s only friend. He finally left with Tom.

The climax of the tragedy in Hamlet began when Claudius sent Hamlet to the UK. First, Ophelia was mad because of his father’s death and was still dead. The king did not let any chance of killing Hamlet. After the death of Ophelia, the king tried to use the hate of Leotis. He did not go to Hamlet in the UK. There is no doubt that Claudius is vicious. He wants to put poison on the weapons when Hamlet and Leotis are playing. He did. And this ending caused by Claudius became a great tragedy. Hamlet died, and Leotis died. Even Claudius himself died. In the battle for the throne and the so-called protagonist supporting roles in the palace, there is no victory. In the end, the victory is arguably the passing of Fordingbras.

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