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In the book Born Worker the theme is that

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (701 words)
Categories: Mind, Psychology, Theme, Work
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In the book, “Born Worker”, the theme is, “Whatever you set your mind to, it’s possible”. Here are my reasons why, To start off, Jose as being more mature than his cousin, Arnie, that comes with a lot of responsibility such as in the text it states, “Jose was born with a ring of dirt around his neck, with grime under his fingernails, and skin calloused from the grainy twist of a shovel.

” This explains the theme being, “Whatever you set your minds to, it’s possible” because even at birth Jose shows his integrity and hard work. You would never think a young baby would be grinding things, building things, and working. He is already doing hard work at a young age. “They said his palms were already rough by the time he was three, and soon after he learned his primary colors, his squint was the squint of an aged laborer.

“This text evidence proves the theme because it showed he already had the look of a man that has worked his whole life. It is Jose’s dream to work with his hands more than his mind. In the story, the author stated, “His eyes could measure a length of the board, and his knees genuflected over flower beds and leafy gutters.” This proves the theme because Jose is seen as a seasonable worker, He likes hands-on. He looks up to the act of doing work.

Next, Jose’s parents are role models towards Jose which persuades him to keep going and never stop which also connects with the theme. For example, in the text, it states, “Jose’s parents were hard workers. His mother came home with pierced fingers from the sewing machines,” and his father spent his days climbing splintered, sun-cracked poles.” This quote from the text, better held with the theme because even though the things his parents were doing, they still pushed through, which also made Jose out his mind on doing hard work. “He believed in hard work.” This also very much explains the theme because Jose is highly influenced by being engaged with doing work. Stated in the text it states,” Jose asked his father, “what do you see up there? His father replies,” Work, I see many years of work.” This explains the theme because Jose learns that a hard worker is not as negative as Jose thought. He is only gonged to get better. “I see years of work, migo… “life is hard.” … he felt destined to labor.” This explains the theme because in the beginning his parents seemed bad about working but soon realized they need to do hard work to let Jose have a roof under his head.

In addition to, The theme also reveals when the two boys are being compared. In the text, it states, “The author states, “Hi, Arnie, Jose says without much enthusiasm. He didn’t like his cousin. He thought he was lazy, and worse, spoiled by the trappings of being middle class. His parents had good jobs in offices and showered him with clothes.” This explains the theme as well because Jose found his cousin as not such a good worker and thought he wouldn’t get anything finished. A quote from the text to support this is, “… Except -you know – the work. , get out of here, Jose replies. This explains the theme as well to because Arnie sees doing work with Jose as just Jose working but Jose offers to do more work then Arnie (70/30). Jose knows he is going to have to do more work than possible because he agreed to do more work. This tells the theme because Jose is not only a Hard worker but is a “Born Worker.” “he stayed quiet for three minutes, during which time Jose scrubbed. His arms hurt but he kept working with long strokes. Jose knew that in an hour the sun would drench the pool with light” This explains the theme because Jose knew that he was going to get done and even though he didn’t want to do it because his arms hurt, he kept pushing forward which tells the theme of being, “whatever you put your mind to, it’s possible.”

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