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In the 21st century the use of information technologies [IT]

In the 21st century, the use of information technologies [IT] has become a necessity in many everyday tasks. In fact, technology is used in almost all everyday tasks,such making coffee using a machine to delivering a lesson in the classroom using powerpoint or a video .All these things make our life easier.We are so much inlove wit the intergration of Information and Technology that we even forget to look out for the negative aspects of it in the learning and teaching environment.

I will discuss about a few of those negative effects of ICT intergration in the learning and teaching environment.

Transforming learners into incompetent learners.

It is Very difficult to find the word “hard-working” or”diligent” in learners nowadays as most of the lessons can be easily accessible to them online through different websites in their computers.Relying completely on computers are creating poor studying habits. Students do not see the need to read books at all.According to a study done by researchers in Stanford University ,”··researchers have found that close literary reading in particular gives your brain a workout in multiple complex cognitive functions, while pleasure reading increases blood flow to different areas of the brain” (Waxman, 2001).

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This simply means that by not reading because they hope to get the information only when its necessary ,will have a negative impact on their brain development.Its a known fact that the more you read books,the more neuronal connections your brain makes.

Misguided by the wrong information-

With the speeding development of technology, the websites owner urges to rank their websites higher in search engines, so they only concentrate on rankings instead of the content that they are posting.

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Many websites come with wrong information that has been copied and pasted from other sources without checking the correctness of the information. Therefore the learners are misguided by the wrong information available on the websites. These things can become serious obstacles in their development.Getting the wrong information will misguide them.

Not interacting with one another.

The classroom is a place where teachers interact with the students through learning and teaching.With the ICT’s taking ,over those relationships between the teacher and learners are not like they used to. Even between learner and learner. Dewan, & Dewan( 2010:673), “·· in elementary and secondary education teacher’s influence is targeted towards teaching children idealism, values and foundational social and technical knowledge, at the post secondary level, teaching is targeted towards adult learners to enable them to assimilate pragmatic social and technical skills that they can apply to their lives and thereby survive in the real world “. The things mentioned by Dewan and Dewan become impossible to do if there is no interactions between the parties involved .That is because even if they are in the classroom, if the teacher is not saying anything content-related most students will be busy with their phones under the table.This contradicts the social constructivist theory as stated that, ” According to constructivist views, learning involves building on the background knowledge the learner brings to the situation and restructuring initial knowledge”,(Wallace:2013).

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