In Praise of Margins Essay

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In Praise of Margins

In Ian Frazier’s “In Praise of Margins”, Frazier emphasizes the importance of engaging in “marginal” activities. He does not like the negative connotation that the word “marginal” has been given. It’s negative connotation comes from the thought that it describes things that have close to, or no purpose. All activities start out as having no purpose to them always end up having a deeper meaning to them in the end. Activities such as traveling, playing basketball, and exploring the woods in “In Praise of Margins” may be marginal, but they are important in life. I believe people need some time to take a step away from their busy life and mitigate their mind doing an aimless, marginal activity, solely for that relieving purpose.

Traveling is arguably a marginal activity, but many can agree that it is valuable to others. Traveling may have no clear purpose, but many people enjoy it for that reason and go on vacations simply for the fact that they can take their mind off things for a while. Vacationing and traveling are beneficial because it gives people the chance to be carefree and free-spirited. Some say that traveling puts his or her mind in a euphoric state because being in new places makes him or her feel reborn and new. A utopia is community or society with perfect qualities, and many feel that the city that they travel to is a utopia because they cannot find any bad qualities about it. This makes a person feel laid back and comfortable, making anyone a calmer, less belligerent person. This “marginal” activity does not seem so useless when put like this. Traveling is an important part of many peoples’ lives, even if it does not have a concrete purpose towards it.

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