In Partial Fulfillment in Principles of Management Essay

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In Partial Fulfillment in Principles of Management


Mr. Oscar Pascua has a construction business; he hired his niece Ofelia to help him manage the construction firm. He assigned Ofelia to do the administrative work. Ofelia enjoyed her work doing various tasks she ordered to perform, positive interactions with employees kept Ofelia busy and contented with her work. Milagros, Mr. Pascua’s sister has an entertainment business. She noticed and saw Ofelia’s work and got interested of borrowing Ofelia for a while. Obviously, Milagros wanted the administrative aspects of her business straightened out. Ofelia was only too glad to join her aunt Milagros. She taught that she could give herself a break from the construction firm.

When Ofelia began to work with her aunt, she found out that there are many things she should attend to. For instance, employee records are not complete, and company policies and procedures are not well documented. It is difficult to determine employees’ performance. Ofelia distributed the required forms to the employees and the talents who are undergoing training, she noticed that they are not eager to accomplish them. One day a janitor approached her and asked if she would dispose the contents of the wastebaskets even if the forms she distributed are in them. Ofelia tried to contain her anger. After a while she regained and asked her self, “What kind of people are the? I wish I’m back at my former job”.

1. Do you think the situation is hopeless for Ofelia?
2. What will be your advice to her?

Statement of the Problem:

Ofelia thought that in the entertainment business is a less difficult than her former job; she didn’t make a brief research in the entertainment business. She accepted it without any hesitations, unluckily her present job was worse than she can ever thought.


1. The situation of Ofelia is a bit hopeless but she can still manage it. 2. I will advise Ofelia to go back to her former job at the construction firm because she’s more productive in working with his uncle. She could just tell her aunt to hire a new administrator, a more experienced administrator in entertainment business.


We therefore conclude that Ofelia must know how to cooperate with different level people especially in entertainment business; she must have more patience and a different level of interaction to those people or employees. If she doesn’t want the job she can resign and go back to her former job at Mr. Pascua, Ofelia is hardworking person and she’s confident and she enjoys her work, but when you’re not into the kind of a thing job you must not accept it if you do not have a proper training and seminars. Before you get a job you must know first how it will be, what kind, and who are the people or employees you’re going to work with. Sometimes it is better to know the situation first before entering.

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