In Our Society There Was no Discussion And Prejudice

Discrimination is an unfair comment or statement towards an individual or group of people based on the race, gender, age, sex and culture. while prejudice is, the remarks given either negative or positive depending on the race, culture, even skin color. In my culture from Kenya, some parents will not approve their children marrying anyone of a different culture, race or religion. In these cases, parents believe that their cultural background is superior to others, they want to preserve the purity of their ancestors without any other nationalities mixed in.

This stems from a certain level of racial hatred and fear that someone different or foreign is inferior or bad.

The first question that comes to my mind is that, how do we do so that discrimination and prejudice is out in our society? First, is to get people educated about prejudice and discrimination. We all need knowledge to simply challenge in our daily live about rooted negatives patterns towards other people in the world’s, to get this away from our life.

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First, it is always good to get involved with in community activities or any social groups. This way, you might find people who have had experiences you have and get connected with those people to help you to figure out how to address situations and respond to experiences of discrimination in ways you haven’t thought of in the past. This will gain support any awareness for anti-prejudice. Also, training courses about prejudice will help in reducing the biases we have and give us a sense of direction in these large societies we live in.

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Another way to reduce prejudice is by teaching our kids or new members in any organization is the importance of positive intergroup relations either black or white we are one in the presence of Almighty lord above. He created us in His own image so let love one another. Also let’s teach our young generation by telling them that family is not about blood, it is about love. This kind of intervention can influence our children or new members of society to be positive. The bible tells us that train up a child in the way he/she should go, and when he/she is old he /she cannot forget it. Any of the lessons we learn at the early stages of our lives it matters what type of person you will be.

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