In our generation today the demand of technology increases It made

In our generation today, the demand of technology increases. It made our life and mode of communication more efficient and easier. The people who became acquainted in technology back then created internet which made it more powerful through their clever innovation from it.

Virtual reality is something what made people expect to see a beautiful world. In a way that a person can interact through the use of tech tools and internet that is available for free. Aside from the gadgets that we use, Google, Wikipedia and Facebook -social media sites made our virtual world yet more wonderful like there is a mythical power hold unto us.

Then, these advertisements -which will suddenly, popped that in the beginning it was cute as what the speaker was said on the video but I realize that whenever an advertisement will pop up and show a seconds of video will definitely benefit someone behind that advertisement. For instance, that thing will be considered as a reward or positive outcome.

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The impact of internet in our society become a particular mistake because we label ourselves as a well-being who give a reward or punishment as a feedback of what other people do. We got too attached to the things that social punishment and social reward function is getting involve such as, someone reacted on my post I will be considering this as a reward in contrast if someone leave a negative comment on my post I will consider that as a punishment for me involving common feelings.

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With that, the comparison of negative and positive stimuli take an action that made the behaviour modification empires develop even more because they see that the negative impact is more evident because it rise more faster, that is why it became a mistake in manipulating the internet and technology nowadays. This can be a dilemma for us. What if we undo everything and remake the internet that will help us grow not to label this innovation as a global tragic.

Therefore, I agree on what Jaron Lanier stated, “people must pay for search through micro payments and subscription fee to get a factual information and to prevent a bunch of weird paranoid conspiracy theories”. I think this would be possible if Facebook and Google to remake the decision of having it free because some people tend to realize that they will not pay with these sites if it is not even important. The best thing to do is to take some time to figure this out for the benefit of the users not only the companies. For instance, there is a way to remake the internet if Google and Facebook and participate somehow for us people who wish to communicate there will be no manipulation happen if these two companies will change for the betterment of the society. In addition, technologies take part in our generation today. As what I have realize that if there is an action from the past there will be no manipulation and such a war of evil.

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In our generation today the demand of technology increases It made

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