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In Learning to Read Malcolm X

In “Learning to Read”, Malcolm X kicks off by saying , “it’s because of my letters that i happened to stumble upon starting to acquire some kind of a homemade education”(240). His article covers the disparate learning support that made a difference in his life. Some of his literacy support were; prison, the Nation of Islam, and injustices of the “white man” throughout history and the incorrect views. This article also outlines how provocation can push someone to further his or her academic career.

He didn’t go to school far beyond the eighth grade. He dropped. He later ended up in prison and started prison studies. Prison encouraged him to be literare,to be able to read and write. The best thing that he found out he could do was to hold a dictionary to study and to learn some words(241). He was lucky to reason also that he should try to improve penmanship(241). He couldn’t even write in a straight line.

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In the prison there was the positive literacy support and also the negative literacy support. The positive literacy support being in the library:an occupant who had the reputation of a passionate reader was allowed to check out more than the allowed maximum number of books while the negative literacy support is that the lights were out at ten o’clock each night. That made Malcolm x had to read using a dim light(243). It always seemed to catch him right in the middle of something engrossing.

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The glow was enough to read by,once his eyes were adjusted to it.

This article shows a thirst of knowledge;there was a real desire to learn for malcolm x. It ended in a positive note about being in prison.The purpose is enlightening his readers of the challenges and hardships faced and his motivating journey to be able to read and write. I also have a feeling that his major audience that he was trying to reach out to is mainly the black people who have overseen things same as him that he wants to motivate. Reading helped Malcolm’s education on history and genetics. During my senior year in high school I would read a book at least every week or two. I loved to read. I found that by reading a book helped me examine materials in my classes faster than with me not reading outside of class. Malcolm immense reading taught him what a school system could not and the streets he once cherished.Books and prison rescued him, and gave him literacy.

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