In Defense of the Weak Essay

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In Defense of the Weak

Have you murdered anyone? How about you? We are all afraid of murder for this does not only voraciously end a life; it also leads the murder to a gruesome punishment legally and religiously. All religions uphold the sanctity of life and abhor the unjust ending of it. It is the belief of many that if one does not shun from evil acts, such as killing, he will burn in hell. We all hold these views but why is it that many of us are still pushing for abortion? Why is it that many pregnant women still view abortion as the ultimate solution to their problem?

Is killing you child really a solution or a gruesome sin that you will have to live with for the rest of your life? For those who rally in favor of abortion, they contend that a child in the womb of a mother is not yet considered human thus; killing that child is still legal. Another contention of pro-choice people is the argument that the woman should have a choice with what happens with her body. Bearing a child is not an easy situation much more, carrying the child in the womb for nine months. This is a torment for the mother especially if the child is a product of sexual abuse or rape.

The same argument goes true for teenagers who get pregnant at such a tender age. It is an ordeal for these women to give birth to a child which they did not plan of having. Pro-abortion advocates argue that giving birth to an unwanted child will not only destroy one life but two lives, that of the mother and the child. It is better to abort a child than to give birth to him and yet no adequate love, care and daily sustenance can be provided to him (Lowen). While these advocates may have a point, this is not sufficient to murder someone. Abortion is not just a normal medical procedure but a form of murder.

Through abortion a frail child is put to death even before he is given the chance to see the world and fight for his rights. Similar to murder, there is treachery. The child is being deprived of his life without even knowing it and without having the chance to fight for the life that he has. True enough a woman has a right to make a decision for what happens with his body but this is only applies if she is the only one concerned. This does not apply if her child’s life is at stake. Once a woman becomes pregnant, there are already two lives involved because medically speaking the embryo is genetically distinct from the mother.

Life is sacred and a gift given by God. No one has the right to end it, not even the parents of the child (Anderson). It is quite difficult to fathom why mothers would want to kill their own children but fear of murdering a man walking down the street. They see that ending the life of an individual who is capable of defending himself is more inhumane than abortion. I do not intend to foster the murdering of a man on the street in place of abortion. What I intend to emphasize is the fact that through abortion a mother kills her own flesh a blood without even giving that child a chance to defend himself.

With regard to unwanted pregnancies, its must be remembered that it is not the choice of the child to be conceived. He was a product of the union of a man and a woman. Whether or not there is love, the child should not suffer the effects of such union. He is innocent of what happened thus, mothers should be as objective as possible in dealing with their children for after all, they are their own flesh and blood. Let us stop pushing for abortion and start caring for the lives of innocent children. They have not done anything wrong to be murdered.

I believe it is about time that the crusade in favor of abortion end. Let us not foster the killing of children, instead let us help them fight for their rights and be given the chance to live the life they were given. References Lowen, L. Ten Arguments For Abortion and Against Abortion. About. Retrieved 5 May 2009 from, http://womensissues. about. com/od/reproductiverights/a/AbortionArgumen. htm Anderson, K. (1997). Arguments Against Abortion. Leadership U. Retrieved 5 May 2009 from, http://www. leaderu. com/orgs/probe/docs/arg-abor. html

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