In Defense for the Tropic Thunder Essay

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In Defense for the Tropic Thunder

Before the year 2008 ended, the Tropic Thunder movie was premiered and shown internationally with controversy, particularly from the disability groups. It was an R-rated movie that satirizes the actors in Hollywood who were either pigheaded divas or desperate fledglings working to the extreme for the awards such as the Academy Awards or better known as the Oscars (Tropic Thunder Official Website, 2008). The issue that had arose from the disability groups was the repetition of the word “retard” and Simple Jack, a film within a film that Ben Stiller’s character acted on(Cieply, 2008).

Although anyone would be offended being called a retard, what these groups failed to see was that the movie actually done the opposite. There was a scene where Kirk Lazarus told Tug Speedman that the reason his movie was a flop because, compared to Forrest Gump and Rain Man films, his portrayal of a retarded person was an exaggeration of an intellectually disabled person; it was so offensive which led to making himself a mediocre to the viewers (Stiller, 2008).

According to Neil Miller (2008), Tropic Thunder is not only a parody version of Hollywood’s gluttons but it also has an R-rating; giving out warnings that the film is for adult audience. The disability groups should watched the film first before spouting out such nonsense when as a whole, Tropic Thunder poked fun at the over-achieving actors, not the disabled people (CNN Website, 2008).

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