In and Out of Morocco Essay

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In and Out of Morocco

This book can be referred to as a window through which an ordinary man can gain insight into the Moroccan culture which is also referred to as the culture of the ‘Rif’ region which is in Northeastern Morocco. The book happens to be an analysis of the cultural and the social impact of the twin economic activities of migration and smuggling. This takes place amongst the people of Nador. The incident or the events which are presented in the book by the author is believed to take place about thirty years ago that is in the 1980’s.

The book can therefore be referred more of a window to explain the Moroccan culture rather than an ethnologic treatise. The author has used very long interesting anecdotes in the book, very few statistics, graphs and anthropological double talk. These features can be referred as the saving grace for the book. (McMurray, 2000) From the book, we find that the author conducted his field research in the late 1980’s in Nador. It is therefore the reason why the author has based the book on this place and majority of the events and the characters are from this region.

The author therefore introduces us to many characters in this city that can be said to be very colorful. In addition, he instills us what can be said to be sympathy for the people who happen to be torn between the lure of Northern Europe and the love of their homeland. The lure of Northern Europe can be said to have pulling at their desire for personal and also economic freedom. A good example which is presented in the book is Haddou who is an ornery landlord. In spite of this landlord being married for over thirty years, he happens to have spent less than three years together with his wife and his entire family.

(McMurray, 2000) Out migration happens to be in the Moroccan blood. As one United States diplomat says, “I understand that the Moroccans are now the ‘Mexicans’ of Europe. ” From this, we learn that before the emergency of Europe, Algeria happened to be the land of choice for the emigration. From the book, we also learn that Spain is now becoming a premier emigration destination. The GDP of this country is moving upwards. This is a country which Morocco merely passed through their way to France, Germany, and Holland. (McMurray, 2000)

Back in Nador in Morocco, many Nadoris happen to be resentful for the fact that repatriated Moroccans, with wages which are repatriated, have greatly inflated the local weddings cost. In addition the local Nadoris figures out the numerous ways so as to get back at the “nouveau rich” for rocking the boat of distinctions of classes. We find that in the book the author juxtaposes the story of his own family that is his own son Charlie who is born into Moroccan society. He also uses his wife Joan who is a much needed “confidant” for that scoop on women’s issues which is against the varied mosaic of Rifi culture. (McMurray, 2000)

Every summer for the last like forty years, tens of thousands of immigrants in Morocco happen to descend on the duty free smugglers’ migrant/cove frontier boomtown of Nador in Morocco. These immigrants are known to come from as far as Germany and Norway. This is the heading and the topic that the author David McMurray tries to look at and investigate the local effect which is brought about by this multiple linkages between the international commodity circuit and Nador. The author also tries to analyze the profound effect on the daily life of the free flow of bodies, commodities and ideas into and also out of the region.

(McMurray, 2000) The author tries to combine the population statistics and the immigration statistics with the street level ethnography in the book. The book can therefore be said to cover a range of topics which include nature and origin of immigrant nostalgia, the influence of migrant wealth on the distinction of the society in Nador and the so called historic evolution of the music of migration in this region. The book analyzes the ways in which migration and smuggling have affected local structures of feeling through contributions to the spread of hyper consumption.

In addition, it provides a groundbreaking attention to the performative life aspect in a smuggling border zone. The results of all these is a revealing and a rare inquiry into how the global culture happens to be lived locally. (McMurray, 2000) In this year, that is the year,2009, Moroccan culture happens to be a unique blend of influence from a variety of eras within Morocco’s history, ethnic difference, globalization, and a wide discrepancies in the living conditions of the people who happens to live in this part of the country. This is the issue which is explained in the book.

Even though the book may have been written some nine years ago, I believe that the main objective of the writer writing this book was to provide a deeper understanding of the Moroccan culture. (McMurray, 2000) The method that the author uses to conduct his research maybe said to be a credible method as he uses the true and original data from the government so as to have the information that he required to compose this book. However, I believe that the author could also have used the other methods of data collection such would be the use of interviews which would be carried among the people in the Nador city.

This would have been possible as the author was in this city all this period. With the interviews of the people, he would have been able to get the true picture apart from this one which is depicted by the government. The author would also have used the sampling methods to collect the data. All these methods would have been more appropriate and more accurate that the data from the government as there may be some omissions which would not have been there were the author sampled the population on his own. (McMurray, 2000) I believe that the author has been able to present the information that he wanted to present.

In the book, he has been able to achieve the objective that he wanted to achieve. He wanted us to understand the culture, the life and the situation which is in Morocco. The author further wants us to understand the real effect of the immigration and the so called smuggling of goods into this country. This has been achieved as by the time one finishes reading the book, he or she understands the situation in Morocco properly irrespective of the person. The book is written for an ordinary person and on this issue, the author can be said to have been successful.

(McMurray, 2000) However, even though the book may be said to represent the culture and the situation in Morocco as it was during that time, it can be said to have a weakness in that it does not contain a lot of statistics which would be necessary concerning the topic which is presented in the book. We would have expected that the book contains more statistics, graphs and all the information which would have been important for a clearer understanding of the situation. (McMurray, 2000) This book can be said to compare with any other monograph work.

The reason is that a monograph can be said to be a piece of work which presents a specific topic and in this case, we find that the author presents a specific period of time at the same time, a specific event or subject. The subject under discussion can be said to be immigration and smuggling and their effect to the economy of Morocco. (McMurray, 2000) In conclusion, from the issues which the author addresses, it is clear that after reading the book, one will understand better the life of both the native Moroccan and also that of the immigrants in the area.

The author does this through the use of various statistics such as the populations’ statistics and also the immigration statistics. These are the statistics of the people who are living abroad they happen to smuggle goods into their country. The author also uses the assessment information on the effect of this smuggling: the influx of this smuggling and also the values and the ideas that the community hold close to them. Bibliography McMurray, D. A. (2000). In and Out of Morocco. Minnesota: University of Minnesota Press.

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