In a social gathering with colleagues and senior executives, introduce yourself or get to know them better. Be careful not to get too relaxed. Limit drinks to one. Try to embody the message you want to deliver. Let your body speak for you. Be pleasant and welcoming, and at ease.

By standing tall, with your shoulders back and your head high your body language is one of confidence and self-esteem. Keep in mind that your posture sends the message of strength or weakness, confidence or intimidation and self-esteem or self-doubt.

Greet party guest with a handshake, and a smile. Your posture should show that you are at ease and comfortable. Show that you are accessible by adopting an open position. Your legs should be slightly apart roughly equivalent to your shoulders. Your arms should be relaxed at your side. Avoid criss-crossed arms and legs. You are sending a closed off message.

Look at the person you are speaking to. Eye contact is essential in nonverbal and verbal communication.

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It helps to send the message you desire. It shows that you are interested, paying attention, and listening. Leaning in also enhances engagement. When leaning in be careful not to invade another’s personal space. If when you lean in, they lean back, you have moved in too close. In a social setting, you should not get closer than 18 inches.

Your arm movements should be kept at or below shoulders. Your gestures should not look as though you do not have control.

Talk about how to enter the room (your walk, your head position, your eye contact, your direction)

As mentioned previously, your posture, how you stand and how you walk is extremely important.

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When you enter a room, first check yourself. Be well groomed. Hygiene is imperative. This is your hair, teeth, breath and clothe. Next, gather your thoughts, have the right mind set. Know where you are going and why. Ok, you are groomed, dressed and got your thoughts together. Breathe and relax.

Stand up straight, shoulders back and relaxed stride. Don’t walk too fast. But be confident. You are in control. Move as though you are the center of attention. Greet others and shake hands and move around the room.

Talk about how to introduce yourself (handshake, friendly touch, head high, smile, nod

  • Make eye contact – interested and engaged
  • Smile – welcoming and friendly
  • Good posture – body language should convey confidence.
  • Handshake – firm but not gripping

Hello I’m John Doe, What’s your name

Give practical exercises to practise at home (i.e. practise in the mirror, practise walking into the room, practise mental mantras i.e. “I am the most confident person in the room. People want to talk to me. I have a lot to offer.”)

How do you become the alpha you desire to be? As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”. Recognize alpha qualities in others. If there is an alpha that you admire, study their actions and how they move. Also recognize how others respond to them. If you want to be an alpha, act like an alpha. Take on these characteristics, fake it till you make it.

At home rehearse the characteristics you desire to incorporate. Use the mirror to practice your facial expressions and your posture. Let famous alphas such as George Clooney and Mariska Hargetay be your inspiration. Make different facial expressions and tweak them to convey the look you are aiming for.

Looking in the mirror, stand straight, shoulder back and head high. Imagine yourself as the alpha. At the same time, make positive affirmations. Take on the attitude and believe that you are. Envision yourself as an alpha, strong, confident, the center of attention.

Below are some affirmations to practice, for male and female. Recite these affirmations daily. Say them while standing in the mirror practicing your stand, posture and facial expressions. You can also recite these affirmations throughout your day. It is a boost of confidence if you repeat them just before entering a room, meeting or situation where you want to shine.

  • I am an alpha
  • I am strong
  • I am dominant
  • I am a leader
  • I am always at ease and calm
  • I am assertive and powerful
  • Others perceive I am powerful and self-assured
  • I am confident
  • Women are very attracted to me (men)
  • I can take the lead in any social situation
  • I am totally secure in myself
  • I speak with power and influence
  • I am naturally feminine (women)
  • I am attractive to men (women)
  • How to Behave at an Event
  • By Mary Ellen Sullivan
  • how to be the life of the party
  • how to be cool calm and confident around girls and alpha guys
  • to get the reaction of giggles and laughs
  • flirt with women
  • joke with men
  • help others feel good about themselves say something nice
  • talk to as many people as possible
  • be the person you imagine yourself to be
  • Make an entrance
  • Be well groomed, bathe, shave brush teeth deodorant makeup or not, hair cut or styled nails.
  • Dress appropriately
  • Don’t be too trendy, be comfortable in your choice, pick a statement piece
  • Enter with confidence
  • Stand straight, smile , avoid looking down or slumping or fidgeting
  • Bring a gift for the host
  • Shows appreciation and others will notice your thoughtfulness
  • Greet people you recognize
  • Greet host
  • If you don’t know any one introduce yourself
  • Be confident
  • Use positive affirmations
  • Make good impression with body language
  • Firm handshake
  • Lean in or point legs and feet toward person you are talking to
  • Relaxed posture
  • Widen stance to show confidence
  • No crossing arms or fidgeting
  • No fiddling with phone
  • No looking bored
  • Make good eye contact
  • Smile not nervously, but genuine
  • Breathe deep
  • Interact with guest
  • Mingle- roam and introduce yourself
  • Repeat someone’s name when you are introduced to remember and captivate them
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Show your sense of humor
  • Business event
  • Bring business card pen and small pad
  • Cocktail party
  • Better to carry a drink instead of food
  • Know why you are there
  • Meet certain people
  • Find perspective customers
  • Find resources you need
  • Meet a new friend
  • Nurturing existing relationship

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