Improving Team Communication Essay

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The key to a successful business is communication and the essence is sharing or providing data, information, insights, and inspiration that will benefit both an individual and their team (Bovee). Team communication is the interaction and interchange of information that occurs within a team (O’Daniel). It’s the most efficient method used in a business to accomplish tasks and achieve goals. Based upon the work field and structure of a team, team communications can vary in forms. Verbal, written and digital are all different forms of team communication (Liibert).

Within a team, any of these formats can be used but it’s useful to know which form is best suitable for the team. This is where team communication comes into play because, based on the communication and engagement level of team members it could indicate the level of improvement needed for team communication.

In business things like giving feedback or sharing complex ideas with executives, customers or colleagues is common, therefore, being able to communicate and connect with people is important (Bovee).

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Those who lack team communication skills put a strain on the flow of communicating and are least likely to be promoted. This causes numerous setbacks like poor performance, lack of teamwork, low morale and reduction in profit, if lack of communication is severe (McQuerrey). Also, poor communication skills could lead to a team member having great ideas, but those ideas are no use because the team member can’t properly convey them clearly and persuasively (Bovee). Based on the few cons of poor team communication discussed above, they highlight the importance of improving team communication.

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This paper will discover and explain the importance of team communication, how to improve team communication, and the benefits of improving and developing the proper team communication skills.

[bookmark: _Hlk536180755] When dealing with a team of any sort, communicating efficiently is important because it provides a substantial atmosphere and allows team members to communicate in a pleasing manner. Good communication promotes trust and creates a constructive work correlation between the team members (Kinsey). Also, employees can feel more engaged and motivated when lines of communication within a business are open and clear (Anthony). In teams, usually each member has an assigned task in order to help achieve the overall goal. Clear communication in a team makes things evident and deadlines and objectives are less stressful and met with ease (Kinsey). When each team member knows their specific task, it allows all others the ability to focus on their task, without worrying if other task are being completed (Kinsey). This provides great efficiency in a team due to team communication.

In the article, Speaking and Writing Skills for Educators Kristen Amundson states that, “it’s stated that 97% of communicating is non-verbally and 7% is verbal.” This implies that before one communicates verbally with an individual, group or team, their body orientation, posture, facial expression, eye contact, use of space and personal appearance speak for itself. For example, team members with good posture indicate confidence and enthusiasm (Geddes). Therefore, in order to improve team communication, one must work on these qualities. Moreover, some other ways to effectively improve communication skills is with training and evaluations.

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