Improving Own and Team Practices for School Workers

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It is always important to evaluate our abilities as a professional working in school. Improving ones self and assessing our progress is needed to always push ourselves forward. It is very easy to become complacent in a working environment so we must keep up to date with Continued Professional Development (CPD) so we can do the best job possible. It not only benefits ourselves but all those around us.

The importance of CPD in schools is to be able to provide the best possible support and education for children.

It keeps us up to date with current guidelines, policies and legislations. CPD also allows us to work to the best of our ability, building confidence in our role and boosts the overall performance of the team. Keeping up to date with our skills and knowledge opens additional opportunities within the school environment to develop in our role or even job promotion. Feedback from others helps with personal development and allows us to assess a situation from another point of view.

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Positive feedback gives us a boost in confidence, making us feel more valued and happier within the role. Feeling that we are doing our best and trying hard to improve ourselves is great for self esteem and the sense of wellbeing.

Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses so working as a team is very beneficial. Team work allows each members skills, experience and knowledge to be put to the best use and allows us to gain knowledge from those with more experience.

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It encourages the sharing of good practice. The team can support and motivate each other and offer addition support during times of stress. It demonstrates good relationships and communication skills and a positive environment for children. A strong team will ensure objectives are met and any problems can be dealt with promptly. A happy and dedicated team makes a pleasant working environment which will directly reflect on the children, their parents and other work colleagues.

Working effectively with colleagues helps model positive relationships which children will imitate with their peers. Team work is very much give and take and we should always remember to take into account others opinions and points of view. We may not always agree but that is still how we learn and develop. A strong overall performance of a team will mean that nothing will get overlooked, therefore safeguarding the children. A positive team also makes them more approachable to others, making it easier for parents or other colleagues to discuss any issues or problems. Children are also more likely to talk to you if they feel secure and confident within the setting.

It is very important to respect the skills and expertise of others as we can learn so much from their experience and knowledge. Making others feel valued is just as important as feeling valued ourselves. We can gain skills and improve our practice through their guidance. The more we learn the more confident we become which makes us feel secure and comfortable, making a happy working environment. A team is at its strongest if all members feel valued and respected. Giving positive feedback, praise and thanks to those that help us with our development will be more willing to help you again as it will boost their self esteem as well as our own. Showing a willingness to learn and develop makes a team member want to help your development as well, asking for advise and their opinion shows you respect the way they practice.

We all want to be happy within our professional roles and having a strong team of colleagues makes this possible. It takes some effort to build up positive relationships and get to know the strengths and weaknesses within the team but showing respect and value all the members can make this happen. Being happy within the setting makes a positive atmosphere for the children so everybody will benefit from an enjoyable learning environment.

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Improving Own and Team Practices for School Workers

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