Improving English Teaching Essay

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Improving English Teaching

An importance of English language cannot be denied by anyone as English language is considered as an international language. It also affects people worldwide in many aspects such as education, trading, medicine and technology. According to, Thailand does not use English as an official language, so most of Thai people have to study English from their school since they were young. Even though, we have been studying English for a long time, the skill of English is not satisfied as much as it is.

As we have known that Thailand is going to be a part of Asean Economic Community (AEC), the procedure of Thai education in teaching English should be changed to be more efficiently for Thai students. In addition, to be successful in English language including writing, reading, listening and speaking for Thai people depends on the way of teaching English in Thai education system. Improving English teachers in Thailand is an important way to improve English skill.

The English teachers have to be good in teaching not only having a bachelor degree but cannot impart any useful knowledge to their students. Moreover, the primary school is the most important period for the students. If the teachers are not good enough in teaching English which can affect to their quality of teaching, the Thai education will fail as a whole. Besides, the teachers have to motivate the students to have a positive attitude towards English language too.

The reason why the students and also the general population do not want to speak or even use English language are because they are scared of using English language and they are afraid that they will make a mistake and the native English speaker will ridicule at them, in this case the teacher is the key to change the students’ attitude. Furthermore, Thai education system should alter the system of teaching and style of studying.

Since we were young, we have been taught only about grammar and vocabulary but the weakest point of Thai students is that they are not confident to ask any questions or share their ideas not just sitting and listening their teachers without any critical thinking because of the old-fashioned system in Thailand. Most of elderly are concentrated on the principle as well but they do not concern that the students can apply the knowledge in their daily routine or not. If the teachers can change their teaching, the quality of studying English in Thailand will increase definitely.

Another point of improving teaching English is that most of Thai schools at the present like to employ a foreign teacher, but the most important part is that the teacher should have a qualified language teacher or at least a bachelor degree and a teaching license not only being a native English speaker. Additionally, Thai school should employ more English native speaker because many Thai teachers does not speak English well enough and also have limited English knowledge to teach the students.

The foreign teachers can be a good motivation for Thai students as when we study with the foreign teachers, we have to be an active student to share our ideas or experiences to the teachers which is quite different from Thai teachers. To conclude, this is very clearly that English language is playing a major role in the process of globalization. Therefore, to improve the teaching English in Thai education system, both the English teachers and Thai students should cooperate with each other. If Thai people can have the ability and quality of using English language, the other countries will not look down at Thai people certainly.

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