Improving Communication on Overloaded Staff Essay

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Improving Communication on Overloaded Staff

When the number of employees is to short compared to the tasks they have to accomplish, there is really a tendency to have overloaded employees which, in consequence, produce unaccomplished tasks. In the end, the burden only accumulates and the company shoulders them all. As the manager, I am not allowed to get more employees to distribute the tasks evenly. This worsens the case. The business went slow and things could worsen if more tasks are not done. It may even stop the business from recovering.

As much as I would want my boss to understand the case, he cannot see the bigger picture and I am left with the problem all by myself. The first thing I would have to do would be to ask for our own office and I would transfer my office near the employees. That way, I could easily supervise them and the handing of the tasks won’t be difficult. I find that the reason why my staff doesn’t heed to my requests is that the requests I made are not personal. They could easily ignore my e-mail messages or even pretend that they do not receive the message which would be unusual because I should have received a message failure notice.

If I could be there to personally hand in the tasks with the employees, I think, there would be no reason or, at least, less reasons why they would find it difficult to handle the task because there would be a free discussion among us. The information dissemination would be a lot easier. Any confusion and conflicts would also be easily resolved if I am present. The presence of a leader is important in any organization and in any activities of that organization. I also think that one reason why my staff feels overloaded is that they have been performing poorly.

In the first place, I won’t be giving them tasks if I don’t think they would be able to finish it. As a manager, I have to be reasonable without compromising the desired outcome of our business. I will give them tasks one at a time so we could be sure that none of the tasks overlaps. That way, they won’t be able to complain about overloading. I’ve mentioned that they may have been performing poorly that is why there is task overload. I think that they fail to finish tasks on time or maybe, they would start on something new without finishing the previous tasks so tasks pile up.

The solution to that would be good supervision. Supervision would allow us to see if the tasks are done at the specified time and if the tasks are already piling up. For accumulation of tasks, I’ve said that I will be giving tasks one at a time so it will never be a problem. If, in unavoidable circumstances, there would be a need to perform tasks simultaneously, I think I think I would have to apply my management skills. It may have been possible that the staff feels lax. It is because nobody supervises them.

With the presence of an authority, they won’t be that lax. I think that the atmosphere in the office has not been good because none was there to lead. In my previous observation, I have also found that my staff doesn’t know how to prioritize. Making priorities would never be my problem because I have the skills in managing. I could do the prioritizing for them. The thing is, as a team, we won’t be that effective if only I do all the initiative and just pass on tasks on them.

As a manager, I really do have the right to assign. However, as a leader, I also have the responsibility to put the drive on my subordinates. I have to turn them into passionate employees because as much as I try to lighten the burden on my employees, if they really do not enjoy what they are doing, we will have a difficulty in being productive. I have to influence them and even teach them management skills because everyone needs that. In essence, my presence in the office will allow me easy supervision among the employees.

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