Impression of the Culture

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Impression of the Culture

Prior to working in government, I worked in the private sector. In comparison of the two cultures, I realize that politics exist in both cultures and it is a game that I really do not like to play. My impression of the two cultures leave a lot to be desired in the sense that I am one who is not afraid of hard work; I am always committed to the job. However, working in the private sector gave me a greater sense of satisfaction: I could prioritize my work and get things done; there was less bureaucracy. I could determine what was good for the organization, share it with my management who respected what I brought to the table and implement a cohesive strategy that would benefit the organization. Working in government you have to be prepared and committed to the policies that sometime prevent you from completing your job.(i.e. public interference and internal obstacles) in addition to working with people who do not share the same ideals as you.

The government mentality of being a paper pusher was a concept that I fight with myself constantly about. My first few years in government, I went above and beyond what was expected of me because I did not like the feeling of being “unresponsive”. Working in government I now see what the mentality is all about. I as an individual am not a paper pusher; I am a results driven hard worker who wants to see the results of my hard work; however, being in government you do not control what gets accomplished by your work ethic’ you only control what is expected of you: meaning “I do what I am supposed to do” however what road the journey takes does not depend on me it depends on who is going to benefit from the fruits of my labor. The positive side of the two cultures: Private Sector gives you room to grow based on your commitment to work, There is less beauracy to deal with and most are working toward the same goal. In government, when you are given a task, the positive side is that you know it is for the good of the mass and you can envision the end result.


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