Imports and Exports Essay

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Imports and Exports

The importing and exporting of goods are flourishing despite the economic pitfalls splattered across the media. Let’s face it, if there is demand for a product this usually means there is a market. And where there is a market, there is sure to be a product waiting to rest in the hands of those who need it. There is a phrase for this recipe. It’s called “Supply and Demand. ” Supply and demand results in trade. A case worth examining is how effective trade is between the United States and foreign countries.

The article entitled “US versus China Hidden Export Advantages and Trade Opportunities” is an examination of just how effective trade can be between two countries where supply and demand exists. The author uses the example of how there continues to be a high demand for soybeans in China. It has been reported that China consumes more soybeans than any other country. With soybeans being a chief product of the United States, this creates a competitive advantage of exporting this valuable commodity.

Another fine example the article gives in regards effective imports and exports, is the fact that the Untied States has been very profitable in supplying waste and scrap metals to Chinese plants. These Chinese plants in turn, recycle the iron, steel, copper and aluminum into substantial new metals. Statistics show that this more than doubled the surplus of the United States in the year 2009. In summary, this article was very instrumental in supporting the success of imports and exports between international countries, despite economic complexities.

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