Important Inventions In The World

Cellular Phone:

a) The invention is Cellular phone. The Cellular Phone was invented in 1973.

b) The inventor of cellular phone was Marty Cooper. He worked at AT & T company (American Telephone & Telegraph Company) Motorola.

c) He wanted to solve the problem to call anywhere outside the home because at that time only landline phones were available in the home and there was not anyway to call somebody outside the home. Therefore, he invented cellular phone.

d) The cellular phone is not improvement from any previous invention.

Marty Cooper invented it. He invented the cellular phones because landline phones can only be used in home, not outside the home. He wanted to make communication easy.

e) He started to work on cellular phones in 1972.

f) The cellular phone was worked as same as car phones. As the caller moved through zone to zone, the call would automatically be passed from antenna’s coverage area or cell to the next.

g) The cellular phone released on 3 April 1973 to public.

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Marty Cooper arranged press conference to show his invention.

h) The cellular phones are completely changed from 1973. At that time, phones are big in size and have buttons. But, now-a-day, cellular phones have lots of features such as text messages, we can download number of apps, we can click picture and do video call. The cellular phones now have touch screen instead of buttons.


a) The invention is Fridge. The fridge is invented in 1925.

b) The inventor of fridge was Albert Einstein.

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He was a great scientist and won a Noble prize in Physics and did many inventions.

c) He wanted to solve the problem of toxification in the fridge. He read in the newspaper that ammonia leakage through refrigerator which killed the whole family in the apartment. The ammonia act as coolant to absorb the heat from food chamber. He wanted to make a safe fridge.

d) Yes, this was an improvement from previous invention. This improvement needed because the fridge was invented before containing toxic gas ammonia which killed the family in the apartment. Therefore, Albert Einstein wanted to invent new safe fridge.

e) He started to work on this when one morning he read in the newspaper about a fridge that’s killed an entire family overnight the refrigerator leaked ammonia into the apartment which is toxic, and which eventually filled the rooms and kill the family the household refrigerator which is a recent invention that’s got a deadly problem. It uses toxic gases like ammonia as coolants to absorb heat from the food chamber.

f) The science behind the working of fridge was that the electric current passed through the electromagnets which create magnetic field that penetrate the tube the magnetic forces will push the liquid metal through the tube forcing the fridge coolant to keep moving as well.

g) This invention was not released in public because it created very loud sound which made hard to sell it.

h) This invention is totally changed today. The refrigerators we use now do not create any loud sound, have lights in them and have more boxes. These refrigerators are safer to use than past. The big change is that now the fridges are affordable to all than 1920.


a) The invention is Air-conditioner invented in 1902.

b) The inventor of air conditioner was Willis Carrier. He was young electrical engineer working for heat and ventilation company.

c) He believes that “you could anything in life if you set your mind to it, you really believe in hard work”. His job was at highly publishing company. There were extreme humidity and heat ruining the paper as it went through the printing machine. To make the room’s temperature and humidity remain constant degrees, he invented the air-conditioner.

d) This is not an improvement from previous invention. The Willis Carrier invented it first time.

e) He started to work on this 1902 when he saw that extreme humidity was ruining the paper.

f) Willis built a box in which he could trap air and control that what happened to it inside. He gathered couple of fans, a garden sprayer and heating coils. The one fan in the box used to suck the hot air into the box and Willis lowered the temperature of that air with a fine spray of cold water. As the air passed through the water, it turned into fog. Then, Willis got a 100% of relative humidity.

g) He released his invention to the public in 1906 when he obtained patent in his invention.

h) The air conditioners are completely changed today as we can fit them into the wall of our room and can adjust the temperature according to need. They do not require the water to set the temperature and affordable to all of us.

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