Important Advice – Do Not Deceive Essay

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Important Advice – Do Not Deceive

Humanity is facing many problems like poverty, diseases, violence, homicide, economic recession, and many other miseries, which cause fear in a blissful soul. Since money buys the means that give comfort and happiness to a human, the people are striving either to sustain the basic needs of livelihood, or to expand their existing financial kingdom. However, during their struggle for earning money, some people try to deceive others, and cause sorrow to the bereaved persons.

In doing so, although they might have gained more money, but their act of deceit reverts to them, and they also suffer some kind of loss- money, health, happiness, or peace of mind. It is the law of nature that we reap what we sow. If somebody causes pain to a fellow human, then the same pain will return to the miscreant. Can anybody get happiness by snatching happiness from others? Can anybody prosper by cheating somebody through cunning means?

It can be seen from the ongoing economic recession that big businesses, who had committed fraud and deception, collapsed eventually. It is true that deceptive acts lead to disaster, foreclosures, layoffs, and suffering. The manipulations in the account statements, which were done by well-paid executives, not only deceived the investors, but also caused grief to the fraudsters, who lost billions of dollars during the slump. Hence, my advice to humanity is that one should never deceive somebody.

Relations and economy prosper on mutual faith, and they perish if deception becomes the means of attaining them. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba preaches “Love all, serve all,” and “Help ever, hurt never. ” Since we all are humans, and we are liable to commit errors, we should forgive others for their unintentional mistakes, and always encourage them to improve their performances. In a positive work environment, workers are motivated to produce the best results, and they try to excel through their sincerity and diligence. Please do not deceive anybody for your own benefit.

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