The Importance of the Written Word

Since the beginning of time books have been considered the infinite holders of knowledge, only the rich and powerful could afford. At birth young minds are fresh and ready to be molded by creativity and knowledge; books are one of the many ways to fill this infinite space. By showing and reading books to children beginning at young age scientists’ have seen superior brain development, increased curiosity to learn to read and write. Inspiring children to create characters, see scenes played out, and imagining these words coming to life on the pages.

Books were one of the driving forces in creating the person I am today, both in personality and morals. Kindness and the accepting of others are instilled in children from the early developing year into the teenage years. Not only the compassion towards another human being but that towards animals or “man’s friends”. Upon opening and reading the first few pages of Water for Elephants the reader should become enthralled by the details and attention paid to every individual character.

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Each character teaches the reader a different lesson, kindness, love, tolerance, compassion, and many more.

From Rosie the star of the show I was taught loyalty and love with her protection over Jacob. Marlena teaches bravery by going against her abusive husband and love towards Jacob. Each and every characters mistakes and successes demonstrate to the reader how the mechanics of life works. I feel that with every page I read I was absorbing the different lessons that the characters were offering.

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With me as the reader I have learned to be taught by the actions of the characters in all books I read, whether they are Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia or even Water for Elephants. History shall teach those who come after us, and hopefully they will learn from our mistakes before they make them themselves. ” These words were once spoken by Napoleon to his dear wife Josephine, in his new vision for the nation of France. Can people learn from the mistakes of others? If so, then why not that of made up people in books. The book Mudbound shed much light for me on the subject of racism in the south. Our high school history classes have taught us the facts of these subjects.

However the emotions and words that comes from reading the novels of such amazing writers, can move and educate any person. You truly feel the pain of Vera, as she confronts the awful things her husband has done. Henry must confront his racist father and choose between his wife and father. The language, terms, and behaviors shown by both Caucasians and African Americans are interesting. Understanding every emotion Ronsel felt as he was tortured by the KKK. As every chapter was told by a different character, the reader was able to see the story line from all the character’s perspectives.

I felt particularly drawn to Jamie and Laura’s chapters, to read of their romance and each one’s history was especially entertaining. Mudbound was a specifically fascinating book not only for my interest in history but that in sociology and learning of other people and their cultures. Stories have been paced down since the beginning of time by word of mouth and by written hand. One certain story in particular is Oedipus, an ancient Greek tale. When the Greek’s created these tales they intended to teach their children morals and good beliefs.

Oedipus is one of those tales, meant to demonstrate dishonesty, lying, and much more. Having read the children’s version of this when I was little it was quite interesting to finally read the entire story was amazing. Having already known a part of the plot finally getting a greater understanding and seeing the book from an adult perspective changed the story itself. One of the many lessons is to listen to others and not just one’s self, as Oedipus disregards the priest’s statement and listens only to his own beliefs.

Now I was old enough to understand the true meanings of Oedipus’s relationship with his father and his mother, from murder to incest. The incestuous relationship between Oedipus and his mother seemed to be innocent, until the point that the truth was told. From a child’s perspective this story couldn’t possibly happen, who would kill their father and marry their mother? To a child that makes no sense but to me now at seventeen years old and understanding the time period it took place in and entire plot line. Greek and Roman myths have taught me many morals, lessons, and instilled in me much more.

Books opened many doors for me, as a child I could escape into the pages into a completely different world. Particularly the Harry Potter series, every character taught me a different thing I now poses. Harry taught me to be brave, Hermione taught me that knowledge is truly power, Ron taught me how friendship is the most important thing; Luna taught me how to dream, Neville taught me how to be kind to all, and so much more. This truly demonstrates how certain books have affected my life, creating me into the person I am. Even heading into early adult years, I don’t believe I’ll ever stop picking up the books.

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