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Importance to the play Essay

Write a letter from the director to the actor playing a character you have studied, in which you advise him/her about the role he/she will be playing and it’s importance to the play. Congratulations for your excellent audition for the role of the inspector in the production ‘An inspector calls’. You have been chosen to play this role because out of all the actors we auditioned, your performance showed certain qualities needed to play the part of the inspector. For example the inspector must have a strong and domineering character to show that he is in control of the others throughout the section of the play where he is at the house.

The inspector must also come across as quite eerie and ghostlike at times. J. B. priestly was born 13 September 1894, Bradford, West riding of Yorkshire and he died August 14th 1984 aged 89. He wrote many books and also had his only radio broadcast during the war. He wanted this particular production to be set in 1912, this is because it fits in with certain things that are mentioned in the play, for instance at the beginning when Birling is delivering his speech displaying his narrow-minded opinion of the war, Titanic and other political views.

If a modern version of the play was to be performed, then he wouldn’t be able to do this and therefore we wouldn’t have that particular information on Birling which really shows his character and how he is a capitalist and believes that he should look out for himself and his family and considers as and okay thing to do to pay his workers as little as possible because they can’t walk out or argue with him as they have nowhere else to work.

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This is important in the play, because ‘The Inspector’ is the person that tries to make Birling change and possibly become more socialist and realise that there are other people in the world and I think that the way that the Inspector arrives immediately after he has delivered this speech to the rest of the Birling family, that the ‘Eva/Daisy’ story could possibly have just been a story until he refused to change his ways. I think that the point of the play was that the Inspector had come to the Birling’s house to try to change them and make them better people, and they were told about Eva/Daisy and then they were given the option to change.

I think that if Birling and Mrs Birling and Gerald had also realised that they needed to change (like Sheila and Eric) then they wouldn’t have received the second phone call. Capitalism is a social and economic system which means that a person believes in class and social groups and believes that they should be distinguished from one another, and believes that if you want to make yourself richer then you can, also these people will not want to negotiate themselves with people poorer or people from a lower-class background than themselves. The characters in the play that have been chosen to represent this are Mr & Mrs Birling and Gerald.

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