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The Importance of Tennis for the Mass Media

This is a lot of money for the sponsors to part with but in the long run they are the ones who will come out being the richer party as the more they get advertised the more the get noticed by the general public. Michael Owen is another example of a player that has a lot of individual sponsorship deals. He is sponsored by such companies as Walkers and Pepsi. He also has his own line of watches: Most companies who want to sponsor teams get their names on the strips as we looked at earlier.

Companies who want to sponsor a game will have their names put on the billboards that surround the actual pitch and also behind players and managers at interviews.

Sky Television is a good example of the way in which the media relies on sport. Sky has a lot of football channels that are dedicated to football. Without these type of channels it is believed that sky would not be as half as successful as it is now.

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Football teams are now paying Sky for their own personnel channels such as Manchester United and Chelsea TV. These channels are on for 24 hours a day and they show nothing but television dedicated to the team. They have set up packages that the viewers can buy such as buy Sky today and you can get all the sport channels for free etc.

Sky introduced the pay per view idea to the UK. Pay per view is when you have to pay to watch a certain football game or boxing match.

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Sky makes a lot of money from these events; with out them they would be on a possible income low. They know that people will pay to watch, as they don’t want to miss their team’s matches. The amount they charge is usually �8 per match, so if you work it out, if at least 1000 people subscribe to the pay per view game Sky have already earned around �8,000. They are going to earn a lot more than this therefore they can easily cover the money they have spent on getting the TV rights for the game.

The Importance of Tennis for the Mass Media Tennis is very similar to football; sponsors also rely on it to advertise their company. Some bigger companies sponsor whole tournaments in order to get their name across to the world, such as the Ericsson Open Miami. Ericsson would have to input a lot of money into this event to make it a success. Companies who sponsor whole events are taking a risk as if the competition does no go to plan it can give the company a bad name, which could result in a profit decrease. On the other hand though the competition could be a huge success meaning the company gets its self a good reputation meaning they could possibly increase their profit. The companies would have to cover all the possibilities before they came to a decision but in the long run there is more of a chance that they will earn themselves a good name.

The businesses only want to sponsor top competitions as these are the only tennis tournaments that get mass media coverage eg television coverage. Tennis is not as big as football there fore there is a lot more competition for advertising spaces at the tournaments. This is most probably due to the fact that there is less tennis tournaments. Wimbledon is a huge tournament that attracts people from all over the world. These are just for the Wimbledon Championships, this will help Wimbledon stage the competition, and without these sponsors it would be difficult to stage such a successful tournament. The sponsors will also get a lot out of it as they will get huge mass media coverage, they will get hours of TV coverage as well as being shown in the national tabloids.

The ways in which the mass media have influenced football The mass media have a lot of influence over football, they do over most sports. Throughout the years football has worked around the media, for example football matches used to kick off at 3pm on Saturdays, but nowadays they sometimes kick off at 12pm, or are played on Sundays. This is all because the television companies want to show more games throughout the day. These times have been solely changed for the companies. The teams have to go along with this as otherwise they would get no coverage, which will loose them sponsors, meaning they lose money.

Players’ wages are also influenced by the coverage they get. If a team is being shown on television the company that is showing the game has to pay TV rights, and some of that money is put towards the wages of the players. The bigger the team the higher the wages due to there being more coverage of that game. For example Manchester United players are earning up to �50,000 a week, most of this money will be pulled out of the coverage money. Smaller teams do not earn half as much as they don’t get as much coverage meaning they don’t receive as much money as the bigger teams do.

The way that players are perceived can be greatly influenced by the media. The media can develop a person’s whole reputation, they can influence the way people think about that person. For example the media turned the country against Glen Hoddle for saying that disabled people are making up for sins they had in their past life. This is just his own opinion, he has the right to think what he wants but the media blew it all out of proportion and turned everyone against him. They made people think he was some kind of monster, this is just one story, but by looking at it you can see that the media is a very powerful tool.

It is not just football that has been affected by the media many other sports have as well. The false-starting rule is being changed in January 2003; this just shows that sports will change the rules to any extent to get more money from the media. Pay per view is another aspect that has influenced the way people watch sport. It gives the viewer an ultimatum, they either pay to watch or they don’t watch at all. It never used to be like this a few years ago, you could watch all your teams’ games on terrestrial television. People now can’t follow their teams without having Sky television. There is nothing football can do to change this as they know without this coverage they will lose a lot of money that they really can’t afford to lose.

The ways in which the mass media have influenced tennis Tennis has not been influenced by the media as much as football has. The game has not changed in hundreds of years. It is a traditional game that will not change its rules for the media. It has though been approached by the media to change the way it is played. They wanted tennis to get rid of the advantage point so that the when a player gets to deuce the next point is the winning point. The reason for this is that tennis matches are very unpredictable therefore it is unlikely that the game will run according to the TV schedule, this is what the TV companies don’t like, they like sports that run to their time. With the advantage point a game could drag on for hours. There is no telling when it will finish. The companies did put pressure on the tennis governing bodies to alter the rules, but because it is such an enjoyed traditional game throughout the world they would not ease up to the demands.

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