This week’s learning has been quite an enlightening one for me in understanding the role virtual experiences play in how we learn and interact with different situations on a day to day basis. This week’s learning content got me thinking further on this subject. The gist of this week’s content was to enable us create and appreciate virtual realities. We always read books, listen to audio files such as music, and watch motion pictures. However, this week’s exercise, which entailed reading an article and subsequently watching a video or listening to an audio interpretation of the same was very intriguing to me and interesting to me.

Reading the ‘The Open Window’ and then listening to the audio version of the same then reading the poem article ‘Ain’t I a Woman’ and subsequently watching the video premised on the assignment instructions was very intriguing and gave me a memorable learning experience that I am certain will be instrumental in achieving success in this course.

The assignment and assignment instructions specifically enabled me create a virtual experience while reading the week’s resources such as Girl’s death ends frantic 3-day fight and Picture power: Tragedy of Omayra Sanchez reading resources which in deep detail augment and I now have an appreciation of what role virtual experiences plays in promoting internalization of key learnings within and outside the course context.

In addition, the ‘thinking on paper’ article by Montante (2004) was very helpful in the formulation of this journal entry due to the fact that it encouraged me to explore the limitless power of imagination and translating the same on paper in writing form to convey a message.

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The proliferation of technology more specifically, the internet and the effect it has on our day to day life have always had me asking myself a lot of questions. The internet has made virtual reality a true reality and in the near future I envision a word where people will have virtually no physical contacts with each other. I imagine a world where robots will be cooking pizza, we call in place an order pay via plastic money, PayPal or other online based methods like Bitcoin. Then a drone will probably deliver the pizza to the house at your convenience.

In addition, with video conferencing and high speed internet, we probably will never have to go to work or school; we could do all that from the comfort of our houses. Then I ask myself, will this mean that we will have more time for family and doing other things that matter or will this drive us further apart due to the fact that your children, family or friends, would never have to visit, instead, they can call via a video link or use mediums like Skype and other video calling applications.

It is happening, isn’t it? We are now in an online learning platform and we access learning materials, we take tests, they are graded and we graduate just like all those other individuals attending a conventional brick and mortar college and attending physical classes. Virtual experiences, whether real or imagined, are an important part of our day to day living and in an academic setting, they invoke thoughts and in so doing improve the learning experiences of individuals.

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