Importance of Trees Essay

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Importance of Trees

A true friend is one who stands by us during the good times as well as the difficult ones. We may, therefore, regard tress as our best friends because they have stood by us for centuries providing us with food and fuel, and meeting many of our other needs. Plants serve us in many different ways . they provide us with medicinal herbs, fruits, nuts, rubber, oil and many other useful things. They keep our environment clean and fresh. They take in the carbon dioxide that we give out, and in return, give us oxygen. They give us shade throughout the year, and attract rain clouds.

The roots of plants also prevent soil erosion. Forests are very important in preserving the balance of the eco-system. They provide sanctuary to wild animals. Unfortunately, man has been indiscriminately cutting down forests. This has resulted in a considerable decrease in rainfall in some places, and floods in others. The world temperatures are rising because of the decrease in the tee cover. It is said that in olden days, Rajasthan was not the desert it is today. It has become a desert because of the cutting down of tree cover. Man has just begun to realize the importance of plants.

Plants are the lungs of the world, and without them, all species of life are bound to perish. The only way we can save these faithful friends is by creating an awareness amongst people of the importance of plants. Tree planting, afforestation, and campaigns such as the ‘Chipko’ movement are some ways by which this goal can be achieved. Children should be taught the importance of plants right from a very young age. Forest land should be protected, and encroachers should be severely punished. For every tree that we cut, we should grow at least two more plants.

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