Importance of Qualifications from an Aviation Manager’s Perspective Essay

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Importance of Qualifications from an Aviation Manager’s Perspective

Aviation is described as aircraft operation with the objective of providing air transportation. Air transportation can further be defined as all the civil flying which is performed by air carriers which are certificated and also the general aviation. The industry of air transport can be credited for its vital role it plays in the today’s global world. Management of the aviation industry is complex and thus it requires one to be competent so as to be able to deal with the challenges that face this industry in our modern world.

In addition, the organizational and industrial overview of the air line business is also a complex task and can not be managed by a person who does not have qualifications in aviation management. One needs to have qualification in aviation management so as to make the organization to excel in the job market as well as to manage the other employees so as to improve performance of the organization (Yilmaz, 2008).

To be able to manage the organization effectively, one need to understand on the quality of services that the company should produce so as to attract more customers and also he should have leadership traits which can enable him or her to control the behavior of the employees toward achievement of the organization. He should also be able to control conflicts that may be arising in the organization to make sure that workers are satisfied and thus they are working in a conducive environ

Aviation industry need a management personnel who is competent so that he or she can be able evaluate the quantitative methods and applications in the organization. The personnel should be able to use the scientific management theories so as to support the situations of decision making by giving sound decisions which can help the organization to grow and even run profitably (Yilmaz, 2008).

He or she should be able to use and apply various concepts in the organization such as the techniques of linear programming, the simulation methods, and the models of inventory control as well as the decision theory to ensure the organization is running efficiently. Furthermore, there is need for management personnel in the field of aviation to have knowledge about managerial accounting since it is a necessity in management. This will enable him or her to identify, accumulate, report and interpret the information about cost so as to make decision and control the general operation context (Yilmaz, 2008).

It will also enable him to utilize and evaluate information supplied to him or her from accounting department. Having knowledge on managerial accounting can enable the management personnel to be able to have accounting tool which can enable him or her in determining on the performance of the organization. Aviation management personnel should be also qualified in the non profit and governmental accounting to enable him or her to be able to investigate the environment for decision making from a perspective of non-profit entity or public sector.

This will enable the personnel to be able to analyze the consequences and also the regulation impact and the established pronouncements by governmental Accounting standards board, which is the comptroller of US and also the office of the general accounting for the federal. Aviation management personnel should also have knowledge on the financial management so that he can be able to have financial analysis, have measurement on the capital costs, capital management, capital budgeting, valuation and also in determining the analysis of the capital structures.

A manager in the aviation industry should be competent and should be aware on the impact of the government as well as the current issues concerning aviation industry. He should be aware of this issue not particularly in the country but at a perspective of the world or globe. Aviation management personnel should be able to identify the market segment, to identify the trends that the organization must follow to achieve performance of the organization as well as identifying the developments that need to be introduced in the organization depending on the change in technological know how (Yilmaz, 2008).

He should also be aware of the international standards required in the air transport industry so as to be competitive the market. Also being qualified will enable one to understand on the regulations and rules that govern air transport industry and make decisions on how to manage the operation of the organization according to such rules. The personnel should be able to forecast on the future trends and challenges using the present and the past trends of the industry so as to make the organization to be competitive in the market.

There is also need of management aviation personnel to be competent so as to be able to identify the output and demand determinants in the organization as well as the labor relations. All in all, it is important for one to be qualified in aviation so as to be competent in the field of management in aviation industry. This is because one will be able to control all activities necessary in such industry so as to make it run efficiently and effectively for the growth or profitability of the organization.

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