Importance of Progression in Literacy

My thoughts on writing growing up, was very dull because of how slow I can be to come up a sentence or thesis. But as the years passed by, I progressed. Reading improved my imagination. It made me feel comfortable while writing and gained my interest. Literacy is a huge part of life, which was the value that pushed me to be literate. Some experiences I had to help realize this was learning words and the alphabet, to later learning writing formats, then to citations.

I am fortunate enough to be able to read and write, even though I know I am not the best. My knowledge of both reading and writing improve daily, whether it is reading the news or writing in my planner. Literacy is needed and used in my everyday life and the more I improve, the better it will benefit me.

My first experience with literacy was when I learned the different names of animals like dog and cat.

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I began learning the alphabet in kinder, then began learning to read and write in first grade. Since elementary, I was shown various types of writing, from the different style of essays to research papers. I remember writing in my second grade class was my favorite thing to do, there were no limits to writing, no rules or prompts. My second grade teacher, Mr. Lujan was the first teacher that got me so interested in writing. He would help me one on one to better my essays. I did my first formal research paper in sixth grade.

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I disliked it quickly because there was no fun to it. It felt like writing was boring and restricted. I had such a hard time with this type of writing because it wasn’t about anything I liked. I had stayed after class to get help because I did not have a clear understanding. I hated writing this way but it benefited me in a way where my vocabulary improved. In the fourth grade, I became very intrigued by the high vocabulary presented by my teacher. So I began studying the dictionary and used more high vocabulary in my writing and my speech. In Vershawn Young essay, he mentions how students try to use big worded language but often it’s too hard to understand. “In my own experience teaching grad students, they also tend to try too hard to sound academic, often using unnecessary convoluted language, using a big word where a lil one would do, and stuff,” (Young, 110). I relate to this so much because I tried so hard in the fourth grade to use big words but they were very hard to understand. But I did have my difficulties with my first experiences with writing. When writing in a new style, it takes a little longer than what I’m often use to. With practice, I have been able to write and understand the prompt faster. The thesis is what makes me write slow.

My second experience with literature was quite the challenge. In elementary school, I started to gain knowledge of verbs, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, punctuation and the different tenses. I remember having to take spelling test and having to remember the difference between a noun and a verb. I remember having teachers work with me one on one with my spelling. I was having a hard time with the simplest words and they took their time to work with me after I had asked. I learned there’s so much more to writing than just writing about my imagination. I learned the different formats and citations. I learned how to use proper words. Now high school became the door to completely new techniques and styles of writing. It was the moment of perfecting my writing. I learned how easy and fast it can be to write an essay using an outline. I remember receiving on a low grade on a paper where it was supposed to be APA format and instead I followed MLA format which was all I knew at the time. Also, when citing was high-priority in writing, I wouldn’t know the format or how to cite in a research paper because it was complex to me. In Amy Tan’s essay, Mother Tongue, she mentions how in math, there one answer and in English there are numerous amounts of correct answers. ‘This was understandable. Math is precise; there is only one correct answer. Whereas, for me at least, the answers on English tests were always a judgment call, a matter of opinion and personal experience’ (Tan, “Mother Tongue” 1). I find this to be very accurate because in my math class, we always solve to find the correct answer. However, in my English class, there are multiple answers. Many opinions and strategies instead of just numbers.

My third experience with literacy was how important writing really is. I like when my teachers are criticizing my writing because they want to see the me succeed. My writing has improved tremendously and takes an important role in my life. With more developing, my writing skills will help get me through my 6 years in college and help me in a career where my writing skills will be undeniable. In my career, writing will be the most important tool. It will be used as my major communicator, connections, and interpretation. Through this experience I got to prepare my writing skills for my future. With new levels and styles, I enjoy writing. Research papers that consisted of informal writing and allowed me to use my own thoughts and opinions with the combination of sources to form a research paper is enjoyable to me.

Learning is endless, everyday is improvement. I am looking forward to becoming more literate. It will guarantee me respect, credibility and high economic status from society. Literacy has allowed my parents and I to be proud of the levels I’ve overcome. Literacy will lead me to a successful future. I still have a long way from becoming the writer I want to be but I’m hoping that through time and practice, my writing will continue to prosper.

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