Importance of Peer Review Essay

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Importance of Peer Review

A student in a graduate program must conduct research during the course of study. The purpose of this assignment is to discuss how one can determine which references are credible and which are not. Importance of Peer Review

As a scholar-practitioner it is of utmost importance to know that information is obtained from a source which is peer reviewed. When a journal or article has been designated as peer reviewed this means that the information has been submitted to several of the authors peers for content review. The reviewers must agree that the information has been gathered through the use of proper research methods, and that it is accurate and original. Knowing that Articles Retrieved are from Peer-Reviewed Journals The articles I downloaded for this week’s application are peer reviewed. The Walden University library has a search feature which allows one to find only peer reviewed articles quickly and easily. This is the procedure I followed when obtaining my articles. If an article is obtained from a source other than the Walden library, verification of peer review can be done through Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory. Importance of Peer Reviewed Articles

My area of interest is nursing education. It is important that the information I share with students has been peer reviewed. I want to make sure it is accurate and credible.


In summary, it is essential for students in a graduate program to always make sure resources utilized for research are peer reviewed. The information obtained for assignments must be reliable and accurate. References

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