Importance of Making Appointments Essay

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Importance of Making Appointments

The puporse of me writing this essay to let my leadership or any soldier in the united states army that reads this know that I do understand the importance of never missing an appointment. This is my second time with this plan of action. This is my second time missing an appointment. This is not a good look for a PFC with a bad repitation already.

Missing a scheduled appointment may seem like a little fuck up, but if you think about it and trace it back far enough it has a negative impact on the lives of many people involved. t effects the army as a whole, the government, tax dollars, every American and possible most of the population of the planet even if they don’t know it or feel an impact from it on some level even if insignificant it effects civilization as a whole. Being that the appointment was made by me for June 218, 2013 at 08450 with the nutritionist. If I would have got all off the information such as building and room number and made that appointment I would not be writing a 2500 word essay.

Just like my first offense, if I would have just called into the office and reported that I wouldn’t be able to make my appointment at the SSA I wouldn’t have had to write a 500 word essay. The Army allows us to make appointments for whatever we need. Be it for a medical appointment, house goods, CIF, Smoking Sensation or whatever we need, these resources are available to us. Forgetting is the worse of the excuses possibly given, shows the Solider is lacking in his attention to detail, which has been drilled into the mind since Basic Training.

We as Soldiers should be accustomed to insane schedules, late nights and are expected to keep a certain pattern while at the same time juggling a family, school, and personal development. The importance of showing up at my appointment is to make sure that I’m ready for any mission of any nature. For example, while on deployment. If a Convoy has a time of 0900 and because I fail to receive all the information, or show up late because i did not feel like getting ready on time or whatever my excuse may be people could die.

If the convoy rolled out on time the ambush could have been avoided and people would still have their lives and would be able to return home to their families and loved ones after a successful appointment. I hope this is a good example and make since deployment and possibility and the safe and wellness of our soldiers coming home is a very serious and scary situation but time management plays a critical role in the Army. Accountability is very important. . I ultimately failed to attend my appointment and as a result I was negatively counseled for my actions or lack there of. hen Soldiers start missing appointments theses systems start to become inefficient. What a lot of Soldiers do not realize is that when they miss an appointment it does not just affect them; it affects the entire chain of command from the Squad Leader all the way to the Sergeant Major. When you make an appointment that spot could have been giving to any one but because you made the appointment that has been saved for you. That means if you have been given the last spot someone else is going to have to wait for another one to open up.

This could be one day or many months. But because you missed it, it doesn’t become instantly available. Because of my irresponsible actions to not gather the correct information and make the appointment that I missed, Someone else is still going to have to wait when they could have had that spot and been there. In the future if I ever feel like I am going to miss the appointment or cannot make it due to mission or other circumstances most facilities on post do allow you to cancel the appointment with in twenty four hours.

We as Soldiers have a mission to make and the times will be met, from a Doctor’s appointment to arriving 15 minutes prior to meetings to coming to work on time. By me missing my appointment I let my leadership which is SGT Banister and SSG Muniz, my rear d first seargeant, 1SG Ellis my Commander CPT Maples and all of my fellow battle buddies down. By letting them down, I mean that I basically showed them that I have no discipline to do the right thing even when no one is around.

There is no real excuse on missing appointments. Each Solider stationed on vilseck post is given an opportunity to cancel an appointments if they will not be able to make it. By missing my appointment shows them that Im not capable of taking care of myself, so without a doubt im not ready to take care of someone else or be in the leadership position. I should be leading the way for other new soldiers to follow but all im doing is showing them that they cant depend on me because I fail to take care of my OWN self.

If I cant even show up for an appointment at the right building then I cant show up for them when the time they or anyone will really need me. It shows that I am unreliable. By missing my appointment, it also shows them that I don’t practice many of the several 7 army values. I have no honor because a true American soldier that practices honor would have did the right thing and had all the necessary information about the appointment, shown up or atleast have enough heart to at least cancel the apointment .

By missing my appointment I also show that I have no respect for my myself, my leadership or my future soldiers. I am in no position to even receive leadership role or even be promoted . Im in no position to tell someone what to do or what is right when I cant even do the right thing when Im suppose to. Im irresponsible. Article 86 of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice. This Article covers Point and Place of Duty. That means from PT formation to COB that is where you will be. What a lot of Soldiers do not understand that includes appointments made by them or someone else.

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