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Importance of Leadership

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Leadership is the ability of a person by which he/she motivate or influence a group of people to act toward a common goal.

Individuals who possess leadership quality are called leaders. The main task of any leader is to inspire, motivate, or influence a group of people Leadership is a process by which an individual command over group of people and build up confidence among people so they can work toward their goal without any hesitation or distraction.

We can also say that ‘the power of leadership is the power of integrating’, this means that a leader is the one who brings all people together whether they are from different religion, different caste or different age group and motivate them to work to achieve a common goal. There are many qualities required to become a good leader. It is a personal quality and cannot be shared with anyone. The leaders can be born as well as made, the born leaders are the one who have born with leadership qualities and made leaders are the one who develop their leadership qualities with time by acquiring that type of knowledge.

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Importance of Leadership: Leadership plays a very important role in any organization or government because lots of people work there and we need a leader to control them and organize them in such a way so that they only work to achieve a specified goal. To build up the confidence and integrity among people of any organization we need a leader.

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Big organizations Can have more than one leader. Organizations needs leaders to guide their employees to work in efficient manner. Without their leaders the employee gets lost and they don’t know what to do. The managers are the leaders in any organization. The individuals with best leadership skills in the organization have the designations like chief executive officer, chief financial officer, production manager, etc. Leaders are the ones who initiate any task and motivate others to help him achieve his goal.

Functions of leadership:

Some of the important functions of any leader: Setting Target: This is one of the important functions of any leader. Leader is the one who sets the goal and all the individual who are under his/her command have to work to achieve that goal.

Initialization of any task: Leader have to be the one who initiates any task and other people follow him/her. Leader function is to initiate any work.

Maintaining integrity: This is also one of the main functions of a leader because any organization contains people with different mindset, different caste or different religion and it’s a leader job to maintain the integrity among these people.

Providing motivation: Motivation is one of the main things that led the workers to complete their work effectively and it’s a leader’s job to motivate workers or employees.

Providing guidance: Without guidance the individuals don’t able to fulfill their task efficiently, so this is also a leader’s job to provide them with better guidance.

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