Importance of Job English Teacher

I can’t think of any job as important to society as teaching, especially teaching languages to foreigners. Teaching English was my dream when I was kid, now I’m living it, willing to progress. I have always loved to give young people the best vibes in life. Be it on educational grounds or recreational activities, it is a lot more fun interacting and learning with kids and having fun with them. One of the main reasons for wanting to teach is to commit to lifelong learning.

Teachers not only get to share their backgrounds and knowledge, but they get to dig deeply into topics and learn something new along the way. With the help of training, I’m sure that I will handle probing questions and teach students to see subjects in new ways.

Teachers must also stay on top of new technologies, trends, and historic events, ensuring that students will always be learning something new. Another reason why I wish to become an English teacher is having job security, which means while other jobs can be replaced by technology and there will always be a need for teachers.

Many areas, particularly in urban centers, have high demand for qualified teachers. There’s also a high degree of mobility within the education field. Former teachers can go on to become administrators, guidance counselors, or social workers. Teaching is also a highly social job. You’ll work as part of a team with your colleagues, while interacting with students each day.

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Teachers also have the opportunity to become an essential part of the community, getting to know parents and community members.

At the same time, you’ll have independence, as a teacher you are in charge of your own classroom. You’ll be able to make decisions regarding what’s best for your students, and lay out your own lesson plans. Although you’ll need to follow certain standards in your educational program, you have the opportunity to drag in your own personality into your job. You’ll have more than just a job. At the end of the day, teaching offers far more than just a pay check. You’ll have a satisfying career, knowing that you’ve made a difference in many lives. Through interacting with students and community members from a range of different backgrounds, you’ll gain greater understanding of your own society and tighten your creative skills. I want to be a teacher for developing a new generation of thinking individuals. Being a goal oriented person with tons of patience, I am sure I will be able to gel with kids and train them in the required subjects with utmost care and concern for achieving the educational goals.

Last but not least, I want to make my family proud especially my father since he’s the one who inspired and encouraged me. My decision to become an English teacher was not based on the job market, but on where I think I best fit in the grand scheme of things. If language is at the heart of everything we do, then I want to be in the middle of the action, helping others learn to use language well. A great teacher should be enthusiastic about their job and lesson, and encourages students to share the same passion as they do. The school where I used to teach, students from different ages used to call me their favorite teacher at school. You need to possess that same excitement for your class, for example at the very first session I gave them a quick resume about my lifestyle, hobbies and my goals and achievements and they had to do the same in five minutes. They really liked the idea. An effective teacher has the ability to lead and guide the classroom; the teacher can manage a number of different personalities, including misbehaving children, and steer them into the right direction and give them some tasks to do at home and bring them. One day a student in my class was chatting and he couldn’t stop talking even if I gave him warnings several times, I told him to sit next to girls, he didn’t like it.

By the end of the session, he came, apologized and promised to never repeat the same mistake. To be a good teacher you need also to be well organized, have the ability to handle several number of tasks, from lesson planning to activities. Another important skill that the teachers need which is creativity, to keep students interested and engaged, especially children that are in primary school. I consider myself to be a suited to teaching English as a foreign language.

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