Importance of Friedns in Life Essay

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Importance of Friedns in Life

Throughout the twenty-eight years of my life, I have had many friends, yet some of them would be called my admirable friends. No one of us can live without a friend. In truth, my friends can be divided into three types: honest friends, caring friends, and bibliophilic friends. My first exciting type of my friends is honest friends. Two of their prime traits are trustworthy and dutiful. They can tell me what the matters are with me even though they may not such good friends after telling.

I remembered that when I had to evaluate my listening records, one of my friends said that my first record was terrible. She pointed out my weaknesses, so I could fix them. When I had difficult times, they helped me out and cheered me up. I was so appreciated another of my friends who I had lent money when I was unemployed in 2005. In addition, she spent time to drive me anywhere to look for jobs. This group of friends usually calls me to hang out with them, and we feel really happy together.

I often go the mall with them at least once a week even though we cannot find out anything to buy. In short, this type of friends is wonderful for anytime. My second exciting type of my friends is caring friends. Two of their dominant traits are kind and sensitive. They know how to tell me what the problems are by the softest way. Last year, I got into a car accident. One of them came to see me right away after I called her. She had driven me to work and anywhere for two weeks. When my times are hard, they treated me kindly and helped me a lot.

I will never forget another of my friends who had fed me for a couple weeks. I also borrowed her $200 at the time I had no job. However, she refused to take it back when I returned. This kind of friends is sensitive to my feelings, and they pay attention to me whether I am happy or sad. We often go out together for dinner or movie. As a result, they are delightful if I share or chat about my problems in my life. My third exciting type of my friends is bibliophilic friends. Two of their leading traits are awkward and intellective.

They do not know how to observe on things delicately. By the time I asked my friend that how I dressed, she said that it was too ugly. They are sometimes with me when I have trouble although they are too busy in the libraries or work with their computers. They did not even know that I got into second accident in this January; however, they helped me out with homework from school. I remembered that when grandfather died in 2001, I had not gone to school for a week. One of them tried to write all of my lessons, and another one tried to explain to me those lessons.

Nonetheless, they are not the kind of people who like to hang out with. They prefer staying the libraries to going shopping. To sum up, this group of people is satisfactory for a study, but they are not concordant with having fun. In conclusion, my truthful friends, my caring friends, and my bookworms have fulfilled my life with many significant things that they have done for me. I think it is important that we treat our friends well with respect and kindness just like they treat us. I am thankful to have those friends, and I will hold on them forever and ever.

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