Importance of English in life Essay

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Importance of English in life

Today no area of life is untouched by English. Be it communication in daily life, ascending the career graph, communicating in mass media, higher education, and no end. Our international relations are dependent on it. Our perceptions of people are dependent on the use of this language. We have become so much dependent on this language that even in our daily communication we find it difficult to speak our Indian languages and Hindi without the use of English words.

So, the question naturally arises that what makes it so ubiquitous so omnipresent and so indispensable. English people ruled a vast swath of land in order to fulfill their imperialistic ambitions. It was said that in English rule, sun never sets, because the colonies were present across the globe. English people incorporated words from every language to express the diversity which also gradually became the part and parcel of it, it made the language rich. Now in modern science and technology, we are mostly dependent on this language due to very versatility it offers and encompasses the various kinds of thought well.

But unfortunately we still see that in some parts English is treated as foreign language and some politicians and pseudo nationalists argue that we need to exterminate it and protect our culture and identity. These are the same people who will find it difficult to speak pure Hindi themselves. They do it with vested interests but it harms a large number of people, who remains lagging in their careers due to that. English has become utmost important now a days. Even we preach the concept of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” and in this purview we see that English enjoys the familiarity of people from across the globe.

So due to this advantage, it is rightly needed that it should be learn t by all to communicate well. It is also needed that we must respect our language as well but we simply cannot do away with English.

Learning english is important for our daily life..

As we all know, English is the one of important language in this world. If we cannot speak English even a little bit, we are called as a very poor in this community. We also cannot improve our life if we worst in English. We will feel loser if we in the group that use English as a medium to speak. According to the research that have been made by the group of University Malay, 70% of undergraduate student especially Malay student are not use English as a medium to speak. It’s show that most of the student do not want to use English as a main language in their life. People always said that we must use our country language so that it indicate we love our country. The statement is not fault but we also must learn English for our future life such as to find a job, to communicate with foreigner, easy to understand if we find information through online and easy for student to survive in university life because most of the university in Malaysia use English as a medium to speak.

One of the reason why we must learn English in our daily life is English is important to get a job. In this era, many people are jobless eventhough they have a degree. It is because they do not have a soft skill. Eventhough we got the best result in examination but we cannot speak in English, it is hard for us to find a job. Example is, if we want to work with a giant company such as Petronas, Sime Darby, Schlumberger and etc we need to face many process. One of the process is interview. Interview is one of the important process for us to face if we want to work with a giant company. Many giant company have a francais at the other country. So, they use international language that is English as a medium to communicate among the others. Therefore, they must do an interview in English to find an employee. If we have a soft skill like can speak fluently in English, the company will not hesitate to take us as one of their employee….

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